True Confessions: I Can't Wait for Greenfest

Greenfest tops my list as one of my favorite festivals. Greenfest has a lot of vegan and allergy free food and samples. As a person with food allergies I rarely get to eat at festivals so yes I will be eating my fair share! I'll try to save some for the rest of you. I always look forward to seeing what the venerable Chicago Diner has to offer. They have been updating their gluten free menu with yummy food like falafel burgers, soups and desserts. Along with the Diner's offerings here are a few highlights I look forward to: 

  • For those who consider chocolate to be a favorite food group, exhibitors like Divine Chocolate always have divine chocolates to sample.
  • Bread from the Heart also makes gluten free breads. I've never had any of their products before so I'm curious.
  • Mary's Gone Crackers has many fine gluten free cookies and crackers. I first sampled their cookies at last year's event.
  • Check out delicious demos from Sally Dolezal of Appetite for Balance. Sally will be sharing her recipe for Kimchi. Bonita Kindle of Raw Foods and Fitness is making an Easy Brownie. These are two foods I like very much. Although I don't know if I would eat them together. Maybe? But I'm crazy like that.
  • Raw food goddess Karyn Calabrese will be speaking at 3:00 pm on Saturday on the Green Living Stage.
  • Maya Henderson of Vital Juice will be apart of a panel that examines how the green revolution is changing the face of traditional media, and showcases some of the pioneers in Chicago's green media movement who are helping to shape a more sustainable world. This discussion starts at 1:00 pm Saturday at the Green Business Pavilion.

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