The Components of a Healthy Day

What does good health mean to you? What do you want to do with your good health? I believe you can acquire good health one day at a time. 90% of the time you do your best and the other 10% is well . . . up to you. Teresa Tapp once told me that a healthy diet is great but you gotta make room for the three F's: Family, Food and Friends. I couldn't agree more. Here's the makings of one great healthy day:

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Many of these concepts are from this Journal which is also filled with life-changing tools.

In the morning:
  • Make time or meditation which naturally allows ideas and intuition to flow
  • Look over your goals or intentions for the day. If those goals seem overwhelming try to break them down in small steps.
  • Plan something fun, relaxing or adventurous to do today
During the day:
  • Eat mindfully without television or other distractions
  • Eat home-cooked food
  • Remember to breathe. It's easy to hold your breath when stressed
  • Move your body (a.k.a. exercise)
  • Have meaningful connections today
  • Love the work you do (or make plans to change the work you don't like)
  • Hug or hug someone today
  • Laugh!
  • Take a few minutes to yourself
  • Get in high quality nourishment:
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water
  • Eat some whole grains
  • Eat some vegetables and fruits (you knew this one was coming!)
  • Take in some healthy fats
  • Eat at least one healthy protein source today
In the evening, practice some self-inquiry:
  • How was your mood? Energy level?
  • How was your digestion?
  • Did you have any cravings? 
  • What do you appreciate yourself for?
  • What choices did you make that did not serve or support you?
  • This awareness can help you change your habits and see what is really working or what still needs work.
Regardless of what happened today try to have a good thought before you go to bed. Then, get a good night of sleep
Many of these concepts are from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition Journal written by Joshua Rosenthal.

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