Purely Elizabeth's New Granolas

I've already confessed my love for Purely Elizabeth's other gluten free products, which includes a fabulous line of gluten-free muffin, cookie and pancake mixes so I was excited to hear about her new granolas. Each ingredient is hand-selected and baked in small batches. Purely Elizabeth uses gluten-free ancient grains, oats, and seeds plus dried fruit, organic coconut oil and organic coconut sugar (so much better for you than other sugars). They provide that tasty mix of salty and sweet that we all crave. These are great to keep at work for those days when you don't have time to eat let alone hunt down a gluten-free snack.

I should also mention that these granolas are not just sans gluten, soy, GMO's artificial colors or flavors and refined sugar but are also certified vegan, made with organic ingredients whenever possible, and contain healthy fats. Here's a few ways delicious ways to use Purely Elizabeth Granolas

  • As an allergy-free parfait: Pumpkin Fig Granola layered with Turtle Mountain coconut-based yogurts, sprinkle with cocoa powder or a dash of cinnamon. You could also layer bananas, yogurt, granola and chocolate chips. 
  • Add to salads for some added texture and color. 
  • Why not include a bit of granola to your favorite hot cereal for some added crunch. 
  • Throw in your favorite smoothie as sort of a healthy version of the "Blizzard". 
  • Sprinkle on top of your favorite dairy free ice cream with some chocolate chips.

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