Kidfirmations: My Body is Amazing

Kidfirmations is truly needed in today's world of eight year olds getting Botox. As they say, "Our kids are firm. Our firm is kids." Their site features affirmations (some in the form of music) that empower children to live in alignment with their true nature. I'm not a parent but I'm definitely very in touch with my inner child. What can I say! I'm still fond of Hello Kitty. I know for myself and many of my readers, body image issues are a product of low self-opinions formed from childhood. Kidfirmations just dropped (as they say in the music biz) their latest video called My Body is Amazing.

Actors Meredith Siemsen and Christopher Walker (who is also Kidfirmation's Youth Empowerment Practitioner) lend their singing talents in this video My Body is Amazing.
Nina Gargovic says she created Kidfirmations out of healing her own inner-child after enduring multiple traumas throughout her childhood and adult life. "I was surrounded by people that attempted to squash my strong Spirit." In regards to her creative process, "Loving wordplay, music and art, I made up rhymes and songs to build up my self-esteem, as I was determined to love myself."
"Y.E.S.!" (Youth Encouragement Session) is a 6-8 week program that uses fun and creative activities, songs, stories, and more, to encourage appreciation for self and others. For ages 6 to 11. Sessions include topics on:
  • Self-appreciation, confidence, and positive body image
  • The power of choosing a positive outlook
  • The power of imagination and visualization
  • Acknowledging and working through "tough" feelings and thoughts
  • How everyone deserves to be safe and happy
  • Transforming negative experiences into positive change
  • Humor and laughter as tools to enrich our lives
  • To schedule a session please email:
Christopher Walker, who is featured in My Body is Amazing, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Youth Empowerment Practitioner, and avid musician. He uses his musical talents to empower youth and provide opportunities to celebrate the joy and abundance of life. He has been writing and performing childrens music since 2004.
As a Youth Empowerment Practitioner, Christopher is passionate about assisting youth and families to transform their negative circumstances and experiences into mechanisms of growth and positive change. He is experienced working in a variety of service-oriented and clinical settings. Christopher has facilitated hundreds of empowerment workshops for youth and families on various topics including: child abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention, bullying, stress reduction, and healthy parenting. He has also traveled to Uganda and South Africa for extended humanitarian projects involving youth and sustainability projects.
Next month Kidfirmations will release "I Am Princess - Everybody Knows," the first book in their "Princess" series. Kidfirmations is revolutionizing the way we think about Princesses. What children see and hear has a profound influence on their belief systems and self-image. Many young girls feel excluded and dis-empowered when their image does not match the one prevalently portrayed throughout the media. Our current day image of the princess is outdated.
Today's girls can do it all. The Kidfirmations Princess line is a reflection of the modern day girl - independent and empowered! The Kidfirmations Princess line teaches that:
  1. Princess is a feeling
  2. Princess is a way to live
  3. Princess is owning your right to happiness
  4. Princess is knowing that you have inherent value
  5. Princess is about living a life without fear
  6. Princess is freedom from guilt
  7. Princess is confidence and command
  8. Princess is being strong, smart, and taking care of business
  9. Princess is a beauty that comes from the heart - not the way you look
  10. Princess is embracing and honoring who you are and respecting others for who they are
Check out the Kidfirmations site and store if you would like to purchase MP3s, clothes or CDs. You can also follow Kidfirmations on FaceBook and Twitter.

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