T spheres: Aromatherapy Meets Massage

I came across t spheres via Twitter. What a clever little invention: massage and aromatherapy in one product you can take with you anywhere! Massage therapist, Stephanie Whittier LMT, CST, created t spheres. She has been practicing massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and studying movement in relationship to pain relief for over 20 years. Stephanie came up with the concept while working on the road with her VIP clients. After an exhaustive process of trying to find the right materials, t spheres were finally born. By the way, some of her VIP clients include actress Toni Colette, actor John Cusack, photographer Annie Leibovitz, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Damien Rice and Depeche Mode with whom she has gone on tour with.

Here's how these magical orbs work: aromatherapy is released from t spheres upon contact and yet there is no messy oil! The central nervous system is then able to release stress naturally. Each set brings with it specific beneficial qualities. The aromatherapy component of t spheres reminds your body to breathe while you self-massage. Just like in yoga, breath is essential to releasing tension so mindful breathing is essential.

You can enjoy t spheres either hot or cold, which is great for all types of weather. For a hot massage: Boil for 5 minutes, remove and pat dry or microwave for 2 minutes. To try out the cold technique: Place in freezer for 30 minutes or store in the freezer (use a zip lock bag to retain freshness). This technique is especially effective for the relief of headaches. T spheres can help the following conditions: arthritis, carpal tunnel, TMJ, sinus pain, PMS, stress, poor circulation, edema, fatigue, travel sickness and insomnia. Please note that t spheres should not replace massages but they can certainly complement your treatments. Demos for self-use against a wall, chair, or floor and rolling technique on the face can be found on t spheres you tube channel. Chicagoans can find t spheres at BlissSpa and Exhale or on-line.

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