My New Latte

I find it's best to conquer a craving with a plan and a healthier substitute. A few weeks ago I confessed my love for Starbuck's Cocoa Cappucino. Here's my version of the latte (which is also dairy free).

dandy blend3.gif

Dandy Blend comes in a variety of sizes. I suggest you try out the packets first to see if it's for you.

The Eclectic Eating Latte:
  • 1 rounded tsp (or 1 TBS) of Dandy Blend, an Instant Herbal Beverage made with Dandelion that's 100% caffeine and pesticide free. I use 1 TBS because I'm more of a bitter coffee drinker so if you like Intelligentsia then double up.
  • 8 oz. hot tea, hot almond milk or water.
  • A splash of Turtle Mountain So Delicious Coconut Creamer (comes in French Vanilla Hazelnut and Original, I prefer Original).
*To make a little sweeter add stevia, yacon syrup or agave nectar.
*To make a mocha version add a TBS or two of cocoa powder (or carob) and add one of the above sweeteners to taste.
Please note: I want to make a note about the Dandy Blend, even though it says gluten-free on the package some sensitive individuals may still have issues with it as it is made with roasted barley and rye. Some will do best with consuming no grains at all! If you notice you feel bloated or start to break out then I would stop using it.

My coffee pen and ink drawing. I've been using my extra coffee like watercolor and created this fine piece of art.

Since I stopped drinking coffee I have to admit I actually have MORE energy. I don't feel wired and tired. I also enjoy dual-nostril breathing since the dairy component of the cappucinno always stuffed me up. That being said I'm not going to set myself up to believe that I will never drink coffee again. When the next holiday comes I'm sure Starbucks will have another flavor I will HAVE TO try. Kinda like when you were a kid and had to have the Shamrock Shake. So I will enjoy that latte, endure clogged sinuses and a stomach ache and experience another act of self-forgiveness and begin again.

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