Easiest Green Smoothie in the World

I guest blog from time-to-time for Living Harvest Tempt. Living Harvest makes allergy free hemp-based products. I was asked to write something with Earth Day in mind, which is April 22. I've been leaning toward a plant-based diet these days for PMS and pain management. Here's my version of an easy green smoothie:


A plant-based diet is also good for the earth.

The Easiest Green Smoothie In the World:

In a blender just dump:

Whatever greens are on sale (seriously you can't go wrong)

  • 1 frozen banana
  • Unsweetened or Original Living Harvest Hempmilk (just enough to get the blender going, add more if you prefer a thinner consistency)
  • For an extra boost of protein you can a scoop of Living Harvest Tempt's Original
  • For a "superfood" boost add any of the following: goji berries (soak them first for a few hours), cacao powder, a sprinkle of cinnamon, spirulina power or hemp seeds

A few tips:

  • If you can't find a good sale on fresh greens then add some frozen spinach
  • If you prefer a sweeter smoothie add the following:
    • More frozen bananas
    • A tsp of stevia or 1-2 TBS of agave nectar or a few pre-soaked dates (remove pits before blending)
  • If you really love bitter greens use dandelion, which is an amazing liver cleanser
  • If you really hate greens go with a bunch of chopped romaine lettuce
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