Valentine's Day: A Survival Guide

Not every one loves Valentine's Day. It can be a painful reminder of what is not going right in your life especially if you are single. Unhappiness in relationships can also be detrimental to one's health. Here's a few tips on getting through V-Day:

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In a real emergency, break apart and eat. Cacao produces endorphins similar to falling in love.

  • Exercise. Shake it and move the pain out. Exercise releases endorphins and helps you find inner strength so you can handle stress. For Valentine's Day do a workout you truly love. Maybe you love Yoga, Zumba, Kettlebells or a rockin' spin class. 
  • Be with positive people. Valentine's Day is not the day to call your Aunt Sadie who makes you feel bad about being single. Keep company with people who love you unconditionally. 
  • Know that you truly have a "love life". Fill your day with things you love. Your favorite flowers, food, music, hobbies or passions etc. Make this day about pleasure. 
  • Pamper yourself. If you can afford it get thee to a spa and treat yourself like a Queen or King. 
  • You can still feel the love on Valentine's Day. This town is filled with positive events from soulful places like YogaNow or the South Loop's Energy Equilibrium + Education
  • Become one with a cause or group greater than yourself. It's easy to feel lonely on Valentine's Day but perhaps you can use the day to volunteer for a great organization. 
  • Be the love you want to be. If you were in a relationship would you want your partner to send you roses? Cook a nice meal? Do that for yourself. 
  • Take a trip. Sometimes experiencing something new can heal your heart. Plus you won't be reminded of all those places you and Mr. So-So went to on Valentine's Day. 
  • Love yourself. As RuPaul says, "How the hell are you going to love anyone else if you can't love yourself?" Journal all the things you truly love about yourself.
  • Use humor. Oh this one is my favorite. A good laugh might be greater than a good orgasm. Well maybe not . . but at least you can do that in public. Anyway go see a funny play or rent the most hilarious movies. I could spend all day looking at e-cards from Rubber Chicken Cards.
  • Don't underestimate the power of girlfriends. I came across a great quote from Gwyneth Paltrow. She said, "The best way to mend a broken heart is time and girlfriends." Instead of meeting at a restaurant that might be filled with "smug marrieds" have a house party or potluck with all your favorite foods. Rent movies you all love or be completely ironic and rent something really inappropriate for Valentine's Day like a horror movie. 
  • Know that life is cyclical. Every human who has truly lived has experienced heartbreak as well as those euphoric moments of falling in love. Maybe this Valentine's Day isn't going the way you want it to but next year is another year. Valentine's Day is only 24-hours and will indeed end and become February 15, another day that isn't Valentine's Day.

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