Allergy-Free Meals Delivered to Your Door

When you have food allergies, preparing meals at home can be a challenge. In response to her own health conscious patient demand, Dr. Cynthia Jaffe, of Chicago Loop Chiropractic, has created Gluten-Free/Low-Calorie menus as well as meals free of gluten, dairy, nuts and yeast to Chicago and it's surrounding areas.

The menus are designed to rotate for 7 days for up to 5 weeks straight and then begin again in weeks 3-5 in order to provide a rotation diet, avoid allergens, and give some relief to the boredom factor (hello!) of eating the same foods week to week. Here are some of the delicious items on the menu: Beef Tenderloin with Roasted Garlic au jus, Spring Rolls with Gluten-Free Noodles, Lamb Stew with Lentils, or Pork Loin with Apple Brandy Butter. 

Pork Loin with Apple Brandy Butter2.png

Pork Loin with Apple Butter Brandy. Yum!

You can now order this specialty diet home meal delivery program and receive a discount on delivered gluten free/low calorie meals. Use coupon code: to receive a 15% discount off your weekly meals. Meals are fully prepared, attractively packaged and ready to serve. All meal preparation is made to order to maintain freshness and high quality. 
Dr. Jaffe also offers allergy or weight loss testing and a treatment program that puts you on the road to health. To receive a discount on delivered gluten free/low calorie diet program meals you can also call Dr. Jaffe's Healthy Meals Chicago phone number 312-939-5960.

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