Rose's Wheat Free Bakery Promo with Gleeday

Rose's Wheat Free Bakery in Evanston has just announced a hugely discounted deal with a special added benefit for a cause near and dear to their heart: the fight against Celiac Disease. Rose's Wheat Free Bakery is partnering with the online deal site Gleeday. Together they are offering an amazing deal, $5 gets you a $10 coupon good for redemption in the bakery and cafe. Rose's also has some egg and dairy free options. The bakery counter is out of this world. Rose's also has some good burgers and sandwiches served with gluten free bread. It's so nice to not have to take that bread off! 

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The added bonus is that 30% of your purchase price is going directly to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center to help them diagnose, educate, and treat people with Celiac. To get this deal all you need to do is stop by Gleeday's site and buy it. You'll then receive a voucher that you'll print and bring into the restaurant to redeem. With Valentine's Day coming up I'm sure my gluten-free readers will have no problem spending that money. 

Speaking of promotions, I want to share you with two articles I wrote recently for Living Harvest Tempt. Living Harvest produces allergy free hemp-based products such as protein powders, hemp milk, ice-creams (which are very yummy) and their very own hemp oil. Click here to read about my post on my own Fridge Inventory. I like to think if you makeover your fridge your body will follow. My other post is about Hunger and Cravings. I don't know about you but I occasionally suffer from a condition called "Weekenditis". I like to eat more on the weekends than during the week and I offer tips on combating the most common cravings: sugar, alcohol, chocolate, and salty snacks.

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