How to Eat When You're Not Hungry

I just survived the worst cold and lost about five lbs. which I didn't need to lose. I was eating but nothing looked good. Plus I just didn't have the energy to cook. You can never be too rich, but I do think you can be too thin. Sometimes illness, having a broken heart or even taking certain medications can turn you off of food. That's not good when you are professional foodie. If you are in the same boat this cold season try a few of these tips:


You can never be too rich but you can be too thin.

Drink high calorie liquids. I don't advise getting smashed. I was able to enjoy my own version of the chocolate milkshake made with Almond Breeze's Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, Sunrider's NuPlus protein powder, stevia and peanut butter (you can use SoyNut Butter if you have a peanut allergy). I just add some ice and blend. Also, agave nectar or frozen bananas can be substituted for stevia if you do not like the taste. 

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Sip broths between meals. Broths are nutritious and packed with minerals. Plus they provide more calories than water. Trader Joe's sells many organic varieties or you can make an all veggie broth like Dr. Bieler's famous Broth click here for the recipe. 

Eat whatever you want. When you are sick eat whatever looks good. Now is not the time to worry about carbs, fat or calories. If the only thing you want to eat is a donut then eat the best high quality organic donut you can find. 

Take your vitamins. I couldn't stomach green juicing so I made sure I got in my greens via spirulina tablets. A little extra C and B12 doesn't hurt either. Indulge in high fat condiments. 

Take bites of high-fat food like nut butters when you feel like it and in whatever form you desire: almond butter, chocolate peanut butter, tahini, honey nut butter, etc. For those with peanut allergies you have a few options NoNuts Golden PeaButter, Sunflower butter (just read the label to confirm that there is no cross contamination) or SoyNut Butter which also comes in a lot of different flavors. Guacamole and hummus make great high-fat condiments too, or as is with a spoon. 

No force feeding. Why wouldn't you want to force feed? Because it's bad for digestion and you want to make eating an enjoyable experience so you'll keep doing it. It's better to eat small amounts of high-calorie food that can be digested well rather than large amounts of moderate calorie food that makes you feel sick and ends up being poorly assimilated.

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