Help If You Hate To Exercise

"I'd run but the ice might fall out of my glass." 

- David Lee Roth 

We all have our excuses: "I hate to sweat. I don't have time to workout. I don't have time for a shower! I'm not athletic. It's so boring. I am not coordinated enough to exercise". Here are a few ways to move your mind into a more positive direction about exercise and just know that your body will follow:

simmons work out.jpg

Richard Simmons makes me laugh but you don't have to Sweat to the Oldies if you don't want to. You've got lots of other choices.

  • Try filing all thoughts about "exercise" as "body movement". What are your favorite ways to move? Just like kids love recess (or used to, sadly a lot of kids don't do that anymore) you too can love to get out and move.
  • Have a more active life rather than an active fitness routine. Can you walk to the store? Find more things to pick up and lift? Do more housework? 
  • Be like Ellen, take a dance break. Music is a powerful motivator. No time to get to the gym, just turn on the radio and dance.
  • Try a rebounder. Jumping up and down is fun and a lot easier on the joints than running or other cardiovascular workouts.
  • If you hate to sweat or know you won't be able to take a shower, try a no-sweat workout like beginner Pilates or T-Tapp's More DVD which has some great chair exercises. That way you can sneak in fitness a few times a day and get results. 
  • If you find "regular" exercise to be really boring then try a workout that engages your mind like Kundalini yoga, bootcamp, kickboxing, martial arts, mountain climbing, ballet, bollywood dance, tennis or other sports. 
  • If you hate to compete, try non-competitve workouts like hatha or restorative yoga, beginner's pilates, riding a bike or swimming on your own. 
  • No time? Try to multi-task and practice pilates, weight training or floor exercises while watching your favorite TV shows. 
  • Brush your body. Using a body brush with proper technique can lift and tone your body. Of course, adding in exercise with a body brush will amplify results. 
  • Get a buddy or group to workout with you. Accountability can help keep you exercising consistently. 
  • If you hate the gym, why is that? Is it the drive there you really hate? The overly perky instructors? You may find you like the workout but the surrounding elements just aren't working. 
  • You feel like a slob. There is always that A+ gym person who is perfectly accessorized and has a six pack and Linda Hamilton arms. It's been often said that comparison is the biggest source of unhappiness. We all have to start somewhere. Start a self-appreciation journal and each day write about something in yourself that you appreciate. I learned this tip from coach Matt Naskrent of Pinnacle Success Source. 
  • And if nothing I have suggested sounds appealing, just walk and eat less. According to Teresa Tapp, who created T-Tapp, walking uses more muscles than running. You don't have to move fast, you just have to move.

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