Cheap GF Eats on a Student Budget Part II

Here are some tips on cheap, gluten free eats out:

Mexican: Tacos with corn tortillas with rice and beans are perfect for cheap, gf meals on the go. Chicago's Pilsen and Logan Square neighborhoods have some great mom and pops. On the other hand, a chain like Chipotle has a gluten-free Burrito Bowl that is not too expensive. 


Chipotle's Burrito Bowl is gluten free and relatively cheap.

Try Thai: Roseded and Opart Thai in Lincoln Square have inexpensive meals that can be ordered with rice. Plus they are both BYOBs. The last time I was at Roseded with a good friend our bill for two entrees and an appetizer was under $20.00. 

Greasy spoons: Unfortunately those wonderful old school diners don't have much for us allergy free eaters. If gluten is your only allergen then you can have omelets, skillets, potato wedges, and hash browns. If you are a celiac I would avoid diners all together which is such a drag as I love the David Lychian atmosphere of those places but the risk for cross contamination is just too great. 

Other honorable mentions with gluten free menus (although more in the moderate price range than what I would consider "dirt" cheap) include PF Chang's, Aurelio's Pizza, Renaldi's and Adobo Grill

Cheap gluten free shopping: Of course I mentioned stocking up on canned beans but fish like tuna, but sardines or crabmeat can also save you a lot of money compared to fresh fish. I shop Trader Joe's for inexpensive nuts, sauces, soups (which I sometimes use as a sauce) as well as gluten free pastas. 

Go ethnic. You can find cheap produce, condiments and rice in Chicago's Indian neighborhood near Western and Devon as well as all those wonderful Asian marts located near the red line Argyle stop. Also, neighborhood marts like Harvest Time in Lincoln Square and Edgewater have some good prices on produce. 

Buy organic frozen fruits and veggies. Even "Whole Paycheck" sometimes has sales on frozen veggies. 

Eat in season. Don't pay more than you have to. When that spaghetti squash is cheap in autumn then buy it. Serve it with a marinara sauce as nature's perfect gluten free pasta.

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