How a Tongue Scraper Can Eliminate Cravings

If you find cravings are getting the best of you this season you might want to consider using a tongue scraper. It could also make for a very interesting stocking stuffer. Using a tongue scraper is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that has become popular today for treating Halitosis or "bad breath". Many dentists recommend the tongue cleaner more and more because it helps to fight cavities by removing bacteria from the mouth. Having fresher breath increases confidence. When using a tongue scraper you should not experience any discomfort or gagging, if so you are likely to be scraping too hard or starting too far back. Stainless steel scrapers are preferred because they are resistant to bacteria and are also more gentle on the tongue than plastic. I know I always prefer eating with silverware rather than plasticware.


By gently scraping this coating off first thing in the morning you avoid reabsorbing these toxins. Also, when the salivary glands are cleaned digestion improves. Digestion actually begins in the mouth as saliva mixes with food and begins to break it down. As the tongue becomes cleaner then taste improves. Then you begin to enjoy the subtle and delicate tastes of slimming foods like brown rice and vegetables.

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