Allergy Free Pet Food

I'm not a dog owner (but I do have a soft spot in my heart for pugs). Anyway, I had no idea that gluten free dog food was such a huge deal! If its not good for them maybe its not good for us. I have often told my clients about the virtues of a real food diet with this pearl of wisdom: how long do you think a lion in the wild could last on boxes of cereal that contain two paragraphs of unpronounceable ingredients? The truth is to some degree we are all "wild". So let's keep eating wild food.

I recently sauntered into Ruff Haus in Lincoln Square. The place was packed despite it being fairly early in the day. Ruff Haus carries several allergy free brands of pet food including:

Apparently a raw and gluten-free diet for pets can improve appetite and digestion, increase stamina, promotes healthy skin and coat and strengthens the immune system. We surely want to keep our pets cute, healthy and allergy free.

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