Tweeps I'm Thankful For Part I

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I thought I would post about all the Tweeps I'm grateful for. I never thought I would like the Twitter as much as I do. In fact I used to think it was stupid. Now I'm in awe of all the connections and friendships I have made and the things I have learned. Here are some of my favorite Tweeps that you should follow too:

Allergy free Tweeps:

Living Without Magazine


Beyond a Peanut


Doctor Mom


Theresa Marie Green, Allergy Apparel



This is the official account for the Celiac Sprue Association, the largest nonprofit celiac group in America. Over 125 chapters and over 9,000 members.

Jen Cafferty, Founder Gluten Free Cooking Expo, Mom of two GF kids, President GIG of Greater Chicago.


Turtle Mountain, Purely Decadent, dairy free, and oh, So Delicious! 


Alisa Fleming


M-Ida Bonneau, Young entrepreneur who just started a small Montreal-based company which provides information regarding food allergies.

@Mallergies Montréal

Udi's Gluten Free


Robyn O'Brien, Author, Former Food Industry Analyst, Mother of Four, Founder of the AllergyKids Foundation, shedding light on the food industry (for the kid in all of us).


Triumph Dining, Creators of The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide, Grocery Guide, and Triumph Dining Cards. Making gluten-free stress-free since 2005.


Shauna James Ahern. She's a writer, mama, wife, baker, cook, and runner.




Of Allergy Moms


Total Allergy Specialty Store with Chicagoland's best variety of gluten- & allergen-free foods.


Purely Elizabeth, Founder, purely elizabeth.We are committed to making the best gluten-free baking mixes loaded with health benefits. free of dairy, sugar, wheat and gluten.


 Jill Brack, Cookie Commander in Chief of Glow Gluten Free LLC.


The Celiac Diva, The Celiac Diva is a show reviewing Gluten free food & beauty products (including organic, dairy free, soy free, grain free, and raw options!)


Allergic Living, Food allergy, celiac and asthma magazine and Forum. Gwen and Erin, your official updaters.


Part II coming soon . . . 

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