How Not to Stuff Yourself on Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving dinner, just not the aftermath of the huge stomach ache and self loathing that usually follows. This year is going to be different and if its not then I will rely on my old friend the hot water bottle. Here is how to not stuff yourself this Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving cornucopia sunrise.jpg

  • I disagree with the typical advice of eating a snack before a party unless you have a medical reason such as hypoglycemia, diabetes or you need food with your medication. I think the best strategy is to eat one plate of the food you really love and leave it at that.
  • Earn your dinner. Make exercise a tradition. I know some of my readers will be taking part in marathons or races. I have a tradition of getting in a really good workout so I can feel good about earning my dinner.
  • Honestly it's not the one big meal that gets us in trouble during the holidays but the abundant leftovers, cookies and office parties. Speaking of left-overs, avoid them unless you plan on eating the healthier offerings like white meat turkey, which can be put in a wrap or made into tacos. Sweet potatoes and veggies are fine it's just the cookies, pecan pies and rich dressings that pack on the pounds.
  • Take in the non-food goodies like being with people you love, catching up and sharing memories. Take time to note all you are thankful for. Admire the beauty of autumn colors, this is a must as the stores are pushing all that holiday red and green already!
  • Drink plenty of water. Cravings can sometimes be eliminated by being properly hydrated. Your body might be more thirsty than it is hungry. 
  • Eat mindfully . . . as best as you can. I know some holiday get togethers can be pretty noisy. Do your best to savor each bite. 
  • Remember "it's not going anywhere". Feeling stuffed is just not fun. Maybe this Thanksgiving you should adopt a French alter ego. Eat succulently. Savor each bite. When you feel full stop and know that if you want more it will still be there. 
  • Don't keep it all to yourself. Share that decadent slice of pie.
  • Of course, if you didn't listen to any of this advice, have your digestion first aid kit on hand: enzymes, hot water bottle, coconut wate, ginger or mint tea to see you through until you can sleep off your food-hangover.

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