Vermont Nut Free's New Products

The caring mother of a little boy with a life-threatening peanut allergy founded Vermont Nut Free Chocolate Company. It's not easy to find nut-free chocolate; even if the ingredients do not include nuts there is usually the threat of cross-contamination. All products are completely safe for those with tree nut or peanut allergies. Vermont Nut Free are best known for their gourmet chocolates and they pretty much have everything you could want in chocolate: chocolate candies in boxes, pops, wedding favors and coins. I was impressed to find out that their candy centers are completely made from scratch. Now they have just released two new products, TANABAR and MetaBall.

As I mentioned it's not easy to find nut-free chocolate and it is even more difficult to find a completely nut-free granola bar. Actually, it's not easy to find any HEALTHY food bar. TANABAR is a line of healthy, nut-free chewy granola bars. TANABAR is available in boxes of 12 bars or individually in three popular flavors: Sweet Raisin, Triple Berry and Chocolate Chip. Please note that these products do contain wheat and soy and are processed on shared dairy equipment. 

MetaBall is a line of healthy, ball-shaped energy snacks. MetaBall sustains your energy for workouts or long school and workdays. Even if you don't have food allergies these would be the perfect sport snack. They also come in a convenient easy to store, re-sealable bucket containing 24 individually wrapped MetaBalls. Buckets are available in individual flavors or assorted for all of the "eclectic eaters". Flavors include: Chompin' Chocolate, Bashin' Berry, Raisin The Roof, and Mocho Loco. Chompin' Chocolate has real milk chocolate coating with a naturally nutritious MetaBall, combining flavors of chocolate, vanilla and the "nutty" taste of Sunflower Butter (which is the recommended nut-free nut butter). If you love coffee and chocolate, why not multi-task? Mocho Loco is for those who seriously love their lattes. Mocho Loco is made with real Espresso, covered in a creamy coating of chocolate and Espresso. Bashin' Berry is the PB and J sandwich version of the MetaBall. The sweet, fruity goodness of raspberry and blueberry are combined with sunflower butter and oats. Raisin The Roof provides the comforting taste of oatmeal raisin cookies. You can also order a MetaBall Fuel Tank. Made from recyclable Aluminum, the Fuel Tank protects your supply of MetaBalls. Perfect for tossing in your gym bag, purse or briefcase.

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