Venus DeMarco and Her Bodacious TaTas Tell Her Story

In honor of breast cancer month I thought I would interview a real breast cancer advocate. I met Venus DeMarco at the recent T-Tapp retreat. Venus gave an informative, heart warming and humorous speech. I made sure to listen well and take notes since I lost my mother to breast cancer. She made a real point when she said, "Can't we do better than 'Breast Cancer Awareness' month how about 'Healthy Breast Month'." I don't know what color ribbons would be used for Healthy Breast Cancer Month but I'm all for it. Venus eschewed the conventional route of chemotherapy and radiation. After walking through the fire of her fear, she decided to use natural methods of healing. Here is what she has learned along the way:

On getting through the Big C:

  • Get your emotions together. When Venus was first diagnosed she was crippled with fear, she says it was actually "mind blowing" but once you take a breath (a lot of breaths actually) you must then regroup. This process didn't happen over night in fact it took her about six months. It's important to be calm because as a cancer patient you will have a lot of important decisions to make.
  • Watch your thoughts. In order to heal you must really believe that you can heal.
  • Know that you are not alone in your healing. It's important to have a spiritual belief system. You must get right with your creator.
  • Get your body in an alkaline state. Venus detoxed with a mostly raw food diet. She still incorporates live foods into her diet today.
  • Many cancer patients are dehydrated at a cellular level.
  • Find a doctor that you can work with. Venus went with a competent holistic physician; you can't do this on your own, as your care is not just about eating acai berries.
  • Don't quit or give up on you!

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Venus DeMarco is in the process of writing a book about her experience called The Journey of My Bodacious TaTas Healed by Grace and On a Budget. For more information you can contact Venus at

Don't get it. Prevent it. Here are Venus's tips for prevention:
  • Control stress as best as you can. Stress will kill you.
  • Eat a low-sugar diet. Sugar feeds cancer.
  • Bras can restrict lymphatic flow so wear a bra less often and when you do make it a 100% cotton one with no underwire. Venus is working on designing a "healthy" bra, talk about SUPPORT!
  • Use Pomegranate Breast Oil. Venus recommends using Earthsong's Pomegranate Breast Oil, which is a blend of beneficial oils. Pomegranate oil rejuvenates cells, the mustard seed oil detoxes tissue, the amber essential oil blend helps to open the heart chakra and the massage technique moves the lymphatic system.
  • Sweat everyday through either exercise or sauna.
  • Speaking of sweating, Venus is a T-Tapper. T-Tapp creator Teresa Tapp designed this program as a wellness workout. T-Tapp builds healthy spines and helps the lymph drain. Click here to read more about Teresa's inspiration for creating T-Tapp.
  • Take probiotics, enzymes, and eat live foods for a healthy gut.
  • Get quality sleep. Keep electronics out of the bedroom. Keep it as dark as possible. No reading or TV watching, just sleeping. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary.
  • Mineralize your body. Venus like's Teresa Tapp's Premium Blended Alfalfa. Alfalfa is a plant protein that contains numerous trace minerals and high quantities of Vitamins A, D and E. 
  • Use Magnesium Oil. Magnesium deficiency is the cause of many health issues. Magnesium Oil can be applied to the bottom of the feet for easy absorption. Her recommended brand is Health and Wisdom Inc. 
  • Increase Vitamin D3 intake.
  • Add foods with iodine in the diet. Iodine rich foods include: sea vegetables, fresh fish (but do not over-consume due to mercury poisoning) and sea salt (not the white stuff but the pink or grey stuff).
  • Limit red meat and dairy as these foods are mucus forming. One doesn't necessarily have to be vegan but just limit your intake.
  • Don't get mammograms, get thermograms. Thermograms are infra-red images that can detect any abnormality that causes change in heat production such as infection or trauma to the breast. CAT scans should also be avoided. A CAT scan packs a mega-dose of radiation, nearly 500 times that of a conventional X-ray.
  • Venus believes that genetics do not determine disease. Gene expressions are constantly changing and we have more control than we think.
  • Share meals with others. We are "pack animals." We are a country that is dying of loneliness. We may outlive the younger generation and how sad is that. So step away from the computer and embrace life.
  • And last of all: Get a dog! A pet can bring so much joy to your life.
Venus DeMarco is an esthetician with a personalized skin care clinic. She was voted the Best Facial in Austin in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Her lecture and motivational speech, "Is it fear or the disease?" can be booked for health conferences, women's groups, or congregations. She is also in the process of writing a book about her experience called The Journey of My Bodacious TaTas Healed by Grace and On a Budget. For more information you can contact Venus at

Disclaimer: Information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure. This blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace proper medical care.

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