Could Chakra Balancing Balance Digestion?

I've always been curious about the unseen. Science is changing and we are getting real about what we thought was unreal. A good example of this is Masaru Emoto's water crystal experiment where he literally talked to water crystals by saying words like "beautiful"or "ugly". High-speed photography was used to capture the crystal's expression. The crystal with positive reinforcement looks lovely and the negative one is not as developed, it actually looks pretty sad. Our thoughts and energy can affect our lives and health. 


I recently interviewed Blanche Blacke of the Chakra Shoppe. Blanche is not only the proprietress but a healer with 16 years in shamanic practice, facilitating private sessions and group classes. In the past few years I have come out of the spiritual closet. I just didn't want people to think I am any "weirder" than I already am. I see Blanche every now and then when I need a spiritual tune-up. Blanche is the real deal. She is honest about her own journey and funny as hell. Blanche uses her amazing voice to heal and she is truly gifted. When I'm done with a session I always leave feeling lighter and wondering why I took my issues so seriously in the first place. Life suddenly feels worth living again. Blanche has free meditation classes each month and I invite you to check her out. You will not only be entertained but you will feel renewed. In regards to food and addictions, Blanche says we sometimes want to "feed the hungry ghost within". I wanted to further investigate if balancing the chakras could also help balance digestion. Here's what Blanche had to say. 

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The Chakra Shoppe sells delicious smelling aura sprays.

First of all, explain your healing modality. I am a shamanic healer, meaning a conduit between the spirit world and human beings. Sensitive and trained in communicating and translating guidance as well as subtle energies. I have an extensive background in chakra analysis and healing as well as mediumship, clearing spaces, de-possession, hands-on-healing and aiding people with thir esoteric concerns. 

Define the chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates to "wheel of light". They are vortexes along the spine like sparkplugs coorelating to the endocrine glands that translate universal electromagnetic energy to spiritual fuel for the energetic body and drives for life experience. 

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Blanche Blacke is the owner of the Chakra Shoppe with 16 years of experience as a healer.

Can working with the chakras help digestive issues? Third chakra governs the organs of digestion. Any energetic enhancement can fortify the physical experience. 

Have any of your clients healed digestive issues or even eliminated food allergies? Re-alignment of the chakra system can transform a person's life. Consciousness shift happens first, the physical can follow. Many, however, are hindered by a false belief that once they 'get' something, this is an everlasting "condition". They tend to own it--like, "My food allergy". Those willing to let that go have better results. Truly, if some condition can just "show up" one day, it can go away just as easily. 

Most of us with food allergies are also intuitive (such as the Indigo Children). Have you ever witnessed examples of this? I do not retain or document private sessions. It would make sense as a 3rd chakra deficiency can throw the balance on the 6th chakra to excessive. 

If a client experiences bloating, is that in some way a form of protection? That is possible. I have worked with thousands of people. Each one of our auras is unique. 

Can you recommend a specific diet or foods that benefit the chakras? I work with the energy body and the body/mind connection. How about a nugget of thought. "I can assimilate all aspects of my life and feel confident that all is well." 

Some believe you can eat your way to heaven, what are your thoughts on that? Heaven on earth is a meal at Le Vichyssois and one of Bernard Cretier's signature sauces! Seriously, a good meal is instant satisfaction. Many of us do not feel a sense of satisfaction in our daily lives, and so food can be a substitute for that. Enhancing personal satisfaction in other areas can be of great benefit. 


The Chakra Shoppe sells their very own line of bath salts to soothe your skin and aura.

The Chakra Shoppe is located at 5034 N. Lincoln in Lincoln Square. Despite the fact that many Lincoln Avenue businesses have closed, the Chakra Shoppe has been open for more than five years. Blanche also hosts many other healers and sells some wonderful books, jewelry, sage, teas, CDs, aura sprays, bath salts, body oils and crystals.

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