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How to Stay Raw in Cold Weather

So you may not feel like a fruit salad right now but there are a few ways to stay raw if you chose to. By the way, if you don’t know what I mean by raw, “raw” food is defined as anything prepared under 116 degrees (although some will go with 118 degrees). Many raw... Read more »

Vermont Nut Free's New Products

The MetaBall 3 pack gives you energy to burn! Flavors include: Chompin' Chocolate, Mocho Loco, Bashin' Berry and Raisin The Roof.
The caring mother of a little boy with a life-threatening peanut allergy founded Vermont Nut Free Chocolate Company. It’s not easy to find nut-free chocolate; even if the ingredients do not include nuts there is usually the threat of cross-contamination. All products are completely safe for those with tree nut or peanut allergies. Vermont Nut... Read more »

Crazy Sexy Gluten Free

I wanted to pass along my article that I wrote for Crazy Sexy Life, which is Kris Carr’s fabulous and informative website. If her name sounds familiar it might just be because Kris Carr is a best-selling author and filmmaker. She was the subject of the inspirational documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer. She has also written... Read more »

Allergy Free Halloween Drinks

I’m all for moderate drinking. Who has time for a hangover? Not me and I’m guessing not you. Of course, if you do find yourself in a fetal position on the cold tiled floor of your bathroom I suggest you drink some coconut water, as it is Nature’s hangover remedy. If you will be at... Read more »

Venus DeMarco and Her Bodacious TaTas Tell Her Story

In honor of breast cancer month I thought I would interview a real breast cancer advocate. I met Venus DeMarco at the recent T-Tapp retreat. Venus gave an informative, heart warming and humorous speech. I made sure to listen well and take notes since I lost my mother to breast cancer. She made a real... Read more »

Body Confidence

Apparently, Miss Hendricks is one of the few actresses designers don't flock to to dress for big events. They think her figure is to hard to dress. Maybe she doesn't fit into a sample size but her curves are now making her famous.
I recently attended the T-Tapp Retreat (and I will report more on that later) but I was knocked out not only by the inch loss many of these women experienced but by their confidence. During our introductions, one attendee who lost 100 lbs. posed with her head held high and exclaimed, “I look good”. Isn’t... Read more »

Allergy-Free Halloween Candy

I love love Halloween! Don’t let the stores push you into Christmas mode right now. I know some of the isles are already stocking up with wreaths and ornaments but I urge you to stop and smell the candy corn while you can. Those of us avoiding allergens can still trick or treat. Check out... Read more »

Could Chakra Balancing Balance Digestion?

I’ve always been curious about the unseen. Science is changing and we are getting real about what we thought was unreal. A good example of this is Masaru Emoto’s water crystal experiment where he literally talked to water crystals by saying words like “beautiful”or “ugly”. High-speed photography was used to capture the crystal’s expression. The... Read more »

You Say It's Your Birthday!

I don’t know about you but there seems to be a lot of fall birthdays! I was inspired to create a blog dedicated to allergy-free cake making. Regardless is you are on Team Vanilla or Team Chocolate I think you will find something yummy here. For Chicago birthday girls and boys who are too busy... Read more »

Pica: Eating the Non-Edible

I occasionally get asked about children who often eat chalk or dirt. Frustrated parents will go from doctor to doctor with no answer for why this mysterious eating happens. Pica is sometimes the result of a nutrient deficiency such as being low in iron. Those with Pica will eat ice, sand, clay, chalk, soap, paper,... Read more »