Some Tips for Man v. Food's Adam Richman

Believe it or not I'm a fan of the Travel Channel's Man v. Food. I don't exactly encourage my clients to engage in eating challenges but I do have to admit I find myself cheering for Adam Richman. I think on some level I must want to live vicariously through him. He eats large amounts of cheesy, wheat-laden, rich food and gets lots of support for cleaning his plate. This is a very different reality compared to much of the population that consists of women on diets. Adam is a smart Brooklyn actor who really does take care of himself during the off-season. If Adam was my client, here are a few things I would have him do to both enhance his job performance and health:

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Adam! Adam! Adam! I hope that's peppermint ice cream. Photo credit:

  1. Take advantage of peak digestion times. When possible, schedule eating challenges during lunchtime when digestion is at its peak. By doing this he will be less likely to gain weight and take advantage of fat burning if he fasts until he feels hungry again (which I'm guessing might take a couple of days).
  2. Choose ice cream flavors wisely. For the ice cream challenges choose a stomach soothing flavor like peppermint or banana and avoid chocolate, which can cause acid reflux. I have no advice for avoiding brain freeze. 
  3. Cleanse. During the off-season try a cleansing vegan diet to maintain weight and clean out the system. A few trips to a colon therapist wouldn't hurt either. 
  4. Have a little vino. Wine (and alcohol in general) can help increase the appetite during challenges. Wine aids fat digestion, which is why wine and cheese are such a popular duo. So the next time there's a big cheese pizza challenge he should add a little Chianti. 
  5. Eat fermented foods. Sauerkraut, kimchi, and coconut kefir water aid digestion, combat Candida and strengthen immunity. 
  6. Use a hot water bottle. You know what I'm talking about? One of those old-fashioned water bottles. After a challenge that sucker should be placed on the stomach pronto. The heat will benefit organ function and reduce pain and swelling. 
  7. Develop a yoga practice. Yoga is great for digestion, immunity and stress relief. A few beneficial poses are frog, cobra, locus and of course, savasana. 
  8. Add a few T-Tapp moves to benefit his current workout regime. T-Tapp's signature exercise Organs in Place done before ab training or any workout can enhance results and help flatten the mid-section. 
  9. Use a neti pot. Many competitive eaters spend a lot of time breathing through their noses while eating so intensely. Frequent use of a neti pot will keep the nasal passages clear and there is also the side benefit of getting sick less often. 
  10. Have salty crackers on hand. Adam is on the road a lot. Sometimes the typical things that are recommended for nausea can make it worse, such as mint or ginger tea. A salty cracker can be a lifesaver. This is a great tip for pregnant women with morning sickness or anyone who frequently gets motion sick. Mary Gone Crackers products are a great option for those avoiding wheat or gluten.


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