My Encounter with White Eggplants

I picked up something from the farmer's market that I have never seen before: a white eggplant. I was told by the vendor to not slice them too thin as they won't hold up and that they are sweeter than purple ones. She was right. They are sweeter than the deep purple variety.


Boo! It's not a ghost, it's a white eggplant. Photo credit:

When I'm really busy I don't always make food from scratch. I like to do the semi-homemade thing once in a while. So I decided to pan fry the eggplant with a little EVO and top them with Trader Joe's Bruschetta. I sprinkled on some nutritional yeast flakes as my allergy-free Parmesan cheese. I paired that with Body Ecology's Squash and Ginger Soup and it made for a delicious light dinner. 

Upon doing some more research I found that eggplants originally came from India. There are hundreds of varieties grown around the world, with all kinds of colors and shapes. Eggplants can be white, purple, purple-black, green, orange-red, and striped. Eggplants range is size as well; they can be as small as an olive or as big as football. 

White-skinned eggplants are common in Southeast Asia. When cooked they sometimes turn ivory, beige or pale-gray. Thankfully mine turned out an attractive ivory as I'm not fond of eating gray food.

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