Honest Tea's Kombucha Back on Market

I first sampled Honest Tea's line of kombucha at Greenfest back in May. Despite being a fairly mainstream brand I really liked their product. Coca Cola has a partnership with Honest Tea by the way, even Coca Cola recognizes the public's desire for healthier products. Honest Kombucha went off the market along with other brands such as Synergy due to a recent crack down regarding its alcohol content and issues with it being unpasteurized. Apparently "raw live cultures" freak a lot of people out including our government.  


I liked the fact that Honest Kombucha was less expensive than other brands of Kombucha. While I'm not as into the fruity flavors like their Apple Jasmine, Berry HIbiscus, Macqui Berry Grapefruit and Peach Mango; I did honestly like their Lemon Ginger flavor.

I happened to be at my favorite Whole Foods (near North and Clybourn) yesterday and spotted Honest Kombucha back on shelves. I was excited to see my ole Lemon Ginger make a reappearance because I have been having trouble brewing Kombucha at home lately. Unfortunately, the taste is SO DISAPPOINTING without . . . well I'm guessing more of the alcohol. According to the label, the product now has "traces of alcohol" v. 0.5% as previous. I wish they would bring back the 0.5%, it has completely lost the sour tang that I love from Kombucha.

If the issue really is alcohol why not just sell at liquor stores? Call it "Healthy Hooch". I wish bars had Kombucha on tap. I would go to a Kombucha tasting. You would have to drink a half gallon of kombucha to equal the alcohol content in half a can of beer. I should mention this wasn't just one freak bottle that tasted off; I bought three actually and they all disappointed me. If this is what store-bought kombucha is going to be like then I'll stick with buying Thrive or Nessalla brands at my local retailers.

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