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Body Types Throughout the Ages

It’s fascinating how different body types come in and out of vogue. Right now is a confusing time, on one hand we are dealing with an obesity epidemic yet there are many young girls (and also adult women) that have anorexia. According to Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old system of traditional medicine from India, every... Read more »

Healthy Habits of Chicagoans

It’s true that Chicago is in fact the no. 13 fattest city. That aside, there are some healthy habits Chicagoans can be actually be proud of:

UliMana is Decadent and Dairy Free

UliMana is a producer of handmade vegan (and therefore dairy free) truffles and spreads. According to their website, Uli is the name of the goddess from the Huna science who oversees the feminine domain and is also known as the “Goddess of Serenity”. Mana means life force energy. When you have a lot of Mana... Read more »

New Focus

I’m excited to share my new blog with you. I will still continue to cover food allergies but as a Holistic Health Counselor, I felt the need to reach out to a wider audience. I believe there is a need to put some fun and ease into healthy living. I have also noticed some overlapping... Read more »