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People are Beautiful No.2

Reader Toni Schneidt has this to say about her tattoo: I have always wanted one, but I wanted it to be special. When I became friends with a group of women thru the band Godsmack's forum, I never realized it would be thru them. There is a small group known as the "Smack Sistahs," girls and women on the forum. When the band members had children, this group would collaborate on a quilt. I was privileged enough to be able to do 2. We then got a tattoo designed for the "Smack Sistahs," although it was made available for anyone on the forum. When we delivered the quilt, I went with one of the "Sistahs" and got the tattoo. The next day, we met with the band, gave the quilt to the drummer, who loved it, and he also admired our tattoos. The sun is the band's "logo," the celtic knot in the middle is meant to represent the "Sistahs" never-ending friendship. I added the initials, which are my grandparents'.
I could have titled this post: People with Tattoos are Beautiful. Remember a while back when I wanted to write that tattoo story? Well only one person responded so I have included her photo along with a few other I found via research. I have to say I love chef tattoos and their symbolic dedication... Read more »

Why Do You Tattoo?

Why Do You Tattoo?
I remember reading an article about Henry Rollins and how he felt his tattoos made him into a separate race of white, blue, red, purple, black, yellow and green. I’ve been wanting to put together a post regarding tattoos. Yes, I am asking you to show me your tattoos (PG-rated only please). I want to... Read more »