True Confessions: It's My Last Blog

True Confessions: It's My Last Blog

I've made the painful decision to quit blogging for ChicagoNow. It's not that I don't love you all or love writing. I'm just getting too busy. I'm very grateful to say I'm too busy. I have many awesome clients right now plus my part-time gig at Planet Access Company Store just became a full-time promotion to Manager. Planet Access Store is an eco-friendly clothing retailer and non-profit benefiting Search, Inc. Search's mission is to empower adults with developmental disabilities.

I'm not giving up on writing or my artwork. I will still continue to guest blog for Living Harvest Tempt. I will be blogging for Planet Access on a great array of topics from green living to fashion trends as well as interviewing the adults we serve. I will also be in charge of social media for the store. As an artist I need color like I need oxygen so I will be continuing to make art and I even occasionally do some art on our store windows and chalkboards.

You never know where life can take you. I started working at Planet Access as a part-time employee because I knew I could make a small amount of money while receiving unemployment benefits. I was laid off of a 10-year-corporate job in 2009. If you would of told me that I would end up with a job that is walking distance from my home and that I would be using all of my communications skills oh . . . and that it's also about green leaving, amazing fashion, and works to empower adults with developmental disabilities . . . I would of said, "That's crazy!"

I want to thank Tracy Schmidt, Alicia Eler and Jimmy Greenfield for their guidance and confidence in me. I'm also grateful to my readers. I really love writing, serving you and answering some of your questions. These last few years due to the Recession have been some of my most challenging. Writing for you reminded me that I have value, talent and a voice.

Please follow Planet Access on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, you can always pop by in real-time too and say 'Hi" at 4727 N. Lincoln, right next to Cafe Selmarie in the heart of lovely Lincoln Square.

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