True Confessions: I Pierced My Nose

True Confessions: I Pierced My Nose

My first piercing experience began in the third grade via Spencer's at the Mall. It hurt but was worth it. In my early 30s after a big breakup I got my belly button pierced which was painful too but was worth it at least for a while. I let it close up as it was always getting in the way of sit-ups and working out. For the past few months the feeling of wanting to get my nose pierced came up. Its funny how once you decide you want something you see it everywhere. I started noticing how many people have nasal piercings in this city!

I suppose there are a plethora of reasons why people get pierced wether it be to feel more attractive, to simply wear more jewelry, a rite of passage, to express one's self or to create a physical sensation. I like the way it looks. In many ways I feel like I am becoming more myself as I release that which no longer serves me. I'm also fond of Indian culture so I was inspired to do some research. Apparently, the left nostril is the preferred position for the piercing as Ayurvedic medicine associates this location with the female reproductive organs. It is supposed to make childbirth easier. Then again, the left side is preferable in North India and the right side is pierced in South India. The nose ring is also considered a sign of marriage and is an important part of traditional bridal jewelry. Also in to the Hindu religion, piercing of the nose is considered a way of honoring Parvathi, the Hindu Goddess of marriage.

I decided to pierce the right nostril, although I could use certainly use more PMS help. I just felt like it looked better on that side. A piercing is also a way to accentuate a feature. I don't exactly have a small button nose and it's got a bump on it too. Adorning a not-so-subtle feature is certainly a way to express your pride as sort of a "F-you" to convention.

I'm a wuss when it comes to pain so I thought I would shop around first and get a vibe check. I talked to a few piercers at the typical hip tattoo parlors and whatnot. They were are very professional but no one really had my heart. I thought about Devon street. I had a vision of Indian women praying over me as they pierced me. In the end I decided that I would rather have a kind Indian matriarch pierce my nose than some surly hipster. Then a friend of mine who got one 8 years ago said she had it done in Little India. So I took the #49B bus to Devon and Western and shopped around. She couldn't remember the name so I thought well I'll ask around and see where to go. So I ended up at Salon Great Cuts. I got my wish. I had a kind Indian matriarch pierce me. Although there was no praying, except for my own prayers, it was hardly painful at all. I just felt some pressure and a little soreness. I didn't want to insult their culture. I envisioned the possibility of having an awkward conversation. Yeah I'm another one of those hipsters. That didn't happen at all. She commented, "It looks good on you." I believe it does.

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