True Confessions: I Have Weekenditis

True Confessions: I Have Weekenditis
WWDD do? What would Don Draper do? No . . . don't do that.

It's hard to eat clean at night and even harder to do so on the weekends. This is a condition I call "Weekenditis". It’s the weekend and I want to blow off steam, party, drink, swear (more than usual) and eat a cupcake. All those things aren't so bad in moderation except I'm conditioned to feel like in order to be cool I have to be "bad" and that means non-moderation.

My schedule is completely crazy and I don't have a Mon-Friday, 9-5 ish set-up at all but I'm so conditioned to feel like if I don't have awesome social plans on a Friday or Saturday night then something must be seriously wrong with me. Magazines and advertising conditions us to believe that if we are not in heels (at least us women, unless I have any drag queen readers) at a club dancing the night away and then having crazy sex we are lame, dull, old losers. There are times I really wish I had "people plans". Then again I really like my "alone" nights of catching up on Mad Men and painting.

It is just another measure of time that isn't supposed to be any different from any other night of the week or so I tell myself. We measure our career successes by the work we do during the week and our "personal" successes by what we do on the weekends. No plans = you're a nobody, not loved, etc. etc.

Of course, when I'm motivated and "on" I can stuff my feelings and just go about my non-plans and simply see it as another measure of time. Then again there are other moments I'm more vulnerable. I also notice a phenomenon in urban life that some folks love to cancel plans at the last sec or show up late. Being late and over-scheduled is kind of like being popular in school. Maybe I should start a support group for People Who Are Always on Time. Hi, I'm Patricia and I'm totally unpopular because I'm always on time. Unless I'm in an accident or the CTA has done something insane I'm generally on time.

I just noticed the sentence in the above paragraph "I can stuff my feelings." Sometimes I do that in the form of popcorn, chocolate, gluten-free waffles and wine. If I pigged out on cucumber slices and lemon water it wouldn't be a problem but usually it’s a cozy packaged food that's ready to go and no effort. Hmmm "no effort"? I put little effort into my Saturday nights and I eat foods that require "no effort" to eat. There is also the issue of finances; it is cheaper to drink Trader Joe's wine on my couch then to go to a bar. This recession has certainly put a damper on socializing.

Also, I noticed that Most of my clients do not binge in the morning or after a positive experience like a yoga class. Binging or "being bad" in whatever form is usually to offset stress and escape emotionally. At the end of the night or week, we make assessments: if it was a bad experience we try to make it "good" by adding in foods that help us to lighten up like sugary cupcakes. I'd be better off resting or going to bed instead of pigging out, getting wasted and basically waking up hung-over or bloated. I'm an adult woman I can't pool-hang while I'm waiting for my head to feel better. I have sh$t to do.

I know the term "comfort food" is not new but maybe what is need is make "uncomfortable foods" comfortable. When we get into the habit of making green smoothies or cooking its becomes easy. I keep a list of things I like to do to remind myself that I have other "fun" options when my schedule empties out on a Saturday night:

  • Getting a cup of tea at my favorite coffee house.
  • Grocery shopping at Whole Foods on Clybourn. So much multi-tasking can be done under one roof: shopping, eating, drinking, flirting, etc.
  • Evoking the goddess within with some beauty treatments at home, pedicures, a homemade facial scrub, etc.
  • Getting creative. Pinterest has lots of ideas, everything from making a tank top out of old tees to painting trays with chalkboard paint.
  • Catching a show on Hay House Radio. Hay House Radio is a goldmine for inspiring talks. You catch up on all your favorite hosts if you missed the original broadcasts. Some of my fags include Sonia Choquette, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Gabby Bernstein and Doreen Virtue.
  • Inviting friends over and cooking healthy food: pick out a recipe and go for it.
  • Eating more uplifting foods. Macrobiotic enthusiasts eat lots of Spring Greens being that they literally grow upward and so will your mood if you eat them.
  • Checking out your neighborhood yoga studios schedule. Core Power Yoga has Friday and Saturday night yoga and many others will host candlelight yoga at the end of the week.

Regardless if you use these tips or your own you can relish in the fact that tomorrow morning you will truly FEEL GOOD (sans no belly bloating or hang-over) and start the day in a truly self-caring and productive way.


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  • I can relate on many levels. Days start our strong and nights end disappointed. I like your tips on healthy activities.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Thank you Yoga Mom! I appreciate that.

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