The Power of Your Word

The Power of Your Word
Intuitive eating and body image coach Christie Inge posted this delightful cartoon on Pinterest by Sebastien Million.

"Is Your Mouth Not Powerful?"

The above is a question Iyanla Vanzant asked out loud in a lecture I heard a few years back. It reminded me of how powerful my "word" is. How I talk about myself is so important to my well-being. Yet I recall saying things out loud like, "I want to fall madly in love." You know what that's exactly what happened. I was crazy in love with someone who didn't feel the same. I was "mad" and then I was "mad" in the anger sense. I've also said things like, "Oh he's devastatingly handsome" and he certainly devastated me.

Iyanla has said when you declare yourself a "thing" then the exact opposite shows up. When you declare yourself peaceful then everything un-peaceful shows up. When I declared myself a body image warrior I found myself attracted to men who did not appreciate my body or how I looked. Somehow I ended up being attracted to men that wanted a J-Lo butt and stick straight hair.  I could . . . straighten my hair  and get painful butt implants, fix my nose, get botox to look younger, etc. Or . . . I could accept myself as I am and align myself with a man who likes curly hair and my body as it is right now. This "alignment" may not happen overnight but in the space of the desire and the manifestation I need to make life fun and love myself. If "Love is a Battlefield" then LOVING YOURSELF IS EVEN MORE OF A BATTLEFIELD.

So how does one actually go on with the business of loving one's body? I believe it takes a steady "diet" of the following:

  • Avoid media that criticizes women's bodies. Now I'm not above the occasional article from Shape on how to do the perfect squat for a great butt . . . but I do not read media that makes fun of celebrities, for example, who might have slightly dimpled thighs. Therefore, I follow every positive body image blog I know exists. A few favorites of mine include Eat the Damn Cake and Rosie Molinary's blog. I get in the good words about body image from inspiring writers that make me see my body in a different way
  • Focus on your strengths so that you crowd out those negative thoughts
  • Say daily affirmations, especially the ones you write about YOU. I say get conceited and love yourself up. Love everything from the freckle on your nose to the curve of your calves
  • Journal this question: What is right with me? There is plenty! Make a list and keep it handy for those weaker moments
  • Know that no human no matter how awesome is universally loved even Jesus and Mother Theresa had their detractors
  • Have gratitude for what is working and what is awesome
  • Last of all, know that those who leave us, don't like us, don't think we are cute may be doing us a favor as they open the door to something or someone better

P.S. Readers: Two seconds after I typed LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD. Pandora Radio played Pat Benetar's LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD. Since starting this article I have heard this song at least five times. Yes, my word is powerful.

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