The Force Was With Me at C2E2

The Force Was With Me at C2E2
The force is with me, Yoda told me so today at C2E2.

As an artist I've always appreciated comic books even though my own work looks nothing like that. Today I went to my very first Comic Book Convention. My inner girl geek thought it was really cool! When I was a child I loved Spiderman. I think children need heroes to get themselves through. I certainly did. As an adult body image crusader I was a bit concerned with maintaining my own self esteem today being surrounded by characters with unreal measurements and perfect beauty but I didn't feel bad at all. In fact I think the whole C2E2 experience is more about empowerment. I find the people dressed in costumes to be more interesting than the actual comics. Next year I am definitely dressing up!

When I consult clients I usually often advocate natural living but there is something to be said for modifying your body to be exactly what you want. So if someone feels more in line with their own truth by wearing tattoos, angel wings, blue hair or piercings I can certainly get behind that. I've also learned the importance of "energy". Everything is energy. Ever know someone who isn't conventionally attractive but has a more dates in one week than you've had all year? I do. The force is with us if we choose it. If you truly feel you're a wizard, goddess, wise elder, sorceress, pirate, alien, crime fighter in a cape and tights, Jedi, fairy or other supreme being who's to say you are not.

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