People are Beautiful No.2

I could have titled this post: People with Tattoos are Beautiful. Remember a while back when I wanted to write that tattoo story? Well only one person responded so I have included her photo along with a few other I found via research. I have to say I love chef tattoos and their symbolic dedication to their craft. There are so many reasons why human beings permanently make themselves into works of art: to honor the dead, celebrate creativity, profess love for someone, hide a scar, empower a weaker body part, bond with friends or a tribe, honor a nationality, keep a deep secret, or simply to speak without saying a word.

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  • I love tattoos when the artwork is great and when the tattoo really means something to the wearer. I don't like tattoos when someone just walks into a shop and picks a random picture because it "looks cool" or is "pretty" :-)

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    Very nicely done. I bet you get alot more stories now, LOL . I like the tribal and the radish, too. Very cool looking!

  • In reply to Toni Schneidt:

    Thank you Toni. I know that radish is amazing! Love it!

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