How to Avoid the Winter Blues and Find Your Inner Snow Queen

How to Avoid the Winter Blues and Find Your Inner Snow Queen
Tilda Swinton as the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Speaking of wardrobe I want her winter wardrobe!

I've written about how summer can diminish self-esteem but I've come to the realization that winter can sabotage self-esteem in it's own cold way. Its hard to feel feminine and sexy in these big winter coats and boots. I feel like a huge Teddy Bear .  .  . a really pale Teddy Bear to be exact.  As I try to push down my arms frozen under down stuffing I think to myself: why didn't I buy a coat with a belt? Or something more glamorous like a fake fur with a hood? Even if you have a great coat there's still the elements to deal which usually results in wind-burnt skin, dry hair and nails also winter also tends to make many of us more depressed. Winter = less smiling and most people look better when they smile.

This winter I choose to find my inner Snow Queen and you can too:

  • If you have a big dark puffy coat you could add fun touches with buttons, pins or a scarf
  • Many of my readers use neti pots but a lot forget to use a nasya oil. Ghee or sesame oil can be used also.
  • It is easy to slouch more in the winter when we feel fatigued. You can easily stand taller with T-Tapp's Primary Back Stretch which can be done before any workout or on its own.
  • Remember the sun? If you miss being bronzed try a natural self-tanner such as Nature's Gate Sunless Tanner which is free of synthetic fragrance, parabens and phthalates.
  • Speaking of the sun, light boxes are also a therapeutic way to feel the healing and happy power of the sun for those that have SAD (seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • Now is the time to enjoy beautifying winter foods like soups, stews, herbal teas, crock pot veggies, pho, or gluten free hot cereals.
  • I've noticed whenever I'm in the Pacific Northwest people really combat those gray days by wearing bright colors. Find some hot pink scarves, a bright lipstick or nail color to brighten up your winter day.
  • Get in your daily exercise. Too busy? Try doing 10-minute workouts 2-3 x a day. No time for a shower? Try some pilates in your PJs.
  • Got dry winter skin? I personally love Mojo Spa'a Biscotti Breakfast oatmeal scrub and lotion combo. These two products have really helped to clear up my keratosis pilaris on my arms. For dry lips Mojo also has a scrub for lips  made with honey granules, sugar, & jojoba beads that gently exfoliate while manuka honey helps to heal and soften lips.
  • Flower Power: if you feel depressed during the winter months try essential oils like sweet orange, lemon or bergamot.
  • I've written about gorgeous gray-haired model Yasmina Rossi in this blog before but I have to share with you a little story about her. After she posted one of her gorgeous photos one of her fans responded, "Yasmina, why are you so beautiful?" She said because I see the beauty in everything and everyone. At age 56 Yasmina Rossi, with her pure white hair, is one inspiring real-life snow queen indeed.

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