True Confessions: I Will Never Have a Butt Like J-Lo

Women and of course many men admire J-Lo's butt. When she first came on the scene she was a breath of fresh air. She wasn't hiding anything and yes, her curvy figure is truly breathtaking. The world was now ready to embrace a new kind of body. If only we could embrace more than one type of a body at a time.

Now women are wearing jeans with pads and even getting those pad permanently put in via plastic surgery. Every gym has some sort of cleverly named class like "Tighter Assets". I think this trend has really turned on us. I wonder if J-Lo is tired of talking about her own perfect posterior?

Thanks to finding a balance with T-Tapp and Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis I'm experiencing my own backside improvements. Yet no matter what I do I will never have a butt like J-Lo nor will many of us. I've admitted in my blogs my own struggle with eating disorders but now I feel I may have a booty disorder. What still trips me up is the belief that if I had double DDs and a J-Lo booty I would have a more active love life. Then again maybe women like J-Lo get tired of stopping traffic or having men look them up and down and everywhere except into their eyes. Do I really want to be objectified?

I have to say I'm as innocent as I am guilty. I have admired the back side of men too. Would I date a man who didn't have a perfect body? Of course! Really in the end its all about personal connection and how you make people feel. Then again having a nice butt can certainly get you in the door.

Another issue I have is that I think its exhausting to follow all these body part trends. One season its all about having arms like Michelle Obama. Then the next season our focus is put on having the most perfect abs. Magazines propel the idea that women need to compete. If a woman has thee perfect measurements then she will be paid more and find true love and happiness. It takes a lot of inner work to change my mind about this. I'm still in the process of it. On those days when I do love myself just as I am it is truly epic. There is a certain peace in knowing that when men are talking to me they are looking into my eyes and definitely not at my butt.

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  • About the only one who could embrace more than one body type at a time is the octopus.

  • Just wanted to give you a shout out! I used to do T-Tapp and now I do TAM. TAM's awesome!

  • Aquinas wired, too funny.

    Nikegal, thank you so much for the shout out! I do a blend of both. I love T-Tapp's More DVD before a workout or on days when I'm tired. I do like the floor work too (Ladybug, Critter Crunch). I found when I based my workouts on T-Tapp my hips would get so sore from all the tucking. My body needs a variety of movements. TAM is genius but I have to listen to my body so that I don't overdo it! I would love to hear more about your thoughts on both programs.

  • Really nice piece, Patricia! Arms, buts, even calves. From J-Lo and Kim to Victoria B. and Kate M... Ughhhh. Yes, definitely exhausting!

  • Patricia, in theory they should be similar because T-Tapp fatigues the muscles layer by layer so you would think it would get at the accessory muscles that TAM targets. I have found that in practice, TAM targets the accessory muscles better than T-Tapp because of the execution - moves are designed so you have no choice but to wake the muscles up... with T-Tapp it is probably possible to activate your muscles if you're advanced like Teresa.

    T-Tappers always say the workout is cardio but my opinion is that you definitely need some form of high impact for cardio work. I did not have good results with T-Tapp even though I really wished I could have seen inch loss like the other testimonials on her website - survivorship bias I guess. I went from a size 0 to 4 or 6 - so depressing. In retrospect I think I should have paired T-Tapp with some form of interval training like treadmill or bike, but T-Tapp teaches that "it is all you ever need". TAM somewhat reversed my measurements to pre-Ttapp and it is getting better. Also I really love the TAM dance cardio, though it is giving me injuries so I try to not overdo it.The TAM toning work movements make me feel so graceful so I really enjoy it. At some point I got bored of starting every workout with PBS. Jog rocks is the only thing I do now if I do T-Tapp.

    One thing T-Tapp taught me was consistency. Before I worked out only if I had time, but now my workout time is just like shower time. So this has been really helpful with TAM which requires moving 6 days a week. T-Tapp built my foundation on understanding how moves should feel like, and this has been very helpful with the TAM work. TAM does seem to be truly, all you ever need.

  • i doubt you'll have the rest either.

  • Nikegal, I'm sorry I didn't catch your comment earlier. I concur I think the thinner bodies tend to gain with T-Tapp especially in the thigh area. Although I do love her floor workouts. I wish I could to TAM 6 days a week but right now my body is recovering from an accident and it is just too much for me. I miss Tracy's cardio! Although it can be rough on my body, especially my feet. Lately, I'm able to do Callanetics which is an old workout program from the 80s. Rumor has it that Tracy adds some Callanetics movements to her routines for Madonna and GP. I can see the connection. I'm getting good results with mixing Organs in Place and Callanetics. Once I'm completely healed I'll do a mix of TAM, Callanetics and T-Tapp floor (and maybe a couple of moves like OIP and PBS).

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