I Wish I Wrote These Blogs

I Wish I Wrote These Blogs
My personal favorite Disney evil character is Snow White's Evil Queen. I think she is absolutely gorgeous but it seems that exotic features are often seen as "evil".

Last week I happened to read two awesome posts on beauty or as I like to put it redefining beauty. Eat the Damn Cake wrote this excellent post titled Where are the big-noised Disney Princesses? I used to love fairy tales but of course reading them really further fueled my low self esteem. According to Disney curly hair, big noses, dark hooded eyes equal evil.

The other blog I discovered this week is Slim Chic Savvy's Part 1 of a 3-part series on How to Be the Most Beautiful Woman in the Room. Here's a run-down of the steps:

  Step 1: Start with the End. 

"When Matisse sat down to paint, he saw the painting on a wall.  When Hemingway grabbed his pen and paper, he had the ending of his stories in mind.  When you walk into a room, you must know what you desire to experience."

So often in life I have walked out the door un-prayed, unplanned and without a vision. It's good to be clear on exactly what you want.

 Step #2: See the Room as Your Playground

"Unfortunately, many women walk into a room and see it more like a war zone than a playground—constant comparison, worrying about judgment, afraid of saying or wearing the wrong things."

Advertising has propelled the belief that women need to be against other women. Imagine going to a party and forming a true sisterhood with the other female guests!

Step #3:  Have a Love Affair with Life

"A woman in love is a beautiful thing.  A woman in love with life?  Magnetic."

Enough said.

Step #4: Create Your Own Definition of Beauty

This step is so much more fun than allowing media to dictate what is beautiful and if you are in or out.

And last of all, Step 5:  Think and See Beauty

 "Regardless of how you look, if you show up in a room thinking ugly thoughts and focusing on all your perceived shortcomings, you will deny yourself of a beautiful experience. Look in the mirror. Beauty is staring back at you."

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