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Transportation Bill Anxiety and Bicycling's Need for Another Alternative

On days like today, I’m thankful for each and every bicycling advocacy organization in the US. Cycling advocacy is more than getting the word out about the benefits of bicycling – it involves lobbying Congress and pouring through hundreds of pages of legislative reports to determine if and how funds can be secured to complete... Read more »

Voices Heard: Good News for Cyclists, Pedestrians, and Transit Riders

A big thanks to each of you who took the time to contact your Congressperson about the House Transportation Bill – it has been temporarily shelved! The Transportation for America blog is reporting that the bill that emerged from committee is unable to survive a vote in its entirety.  It will now be broken into... Read more »

Sunday Morning Cycling Humor

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Here’s something humorous for a Sunday morning. If you were expecting commentary on Lance Armstrong or a recap of last week’s House Transportation Committee debacle, well, you know where to click to find that… Keep riding and be safe!   If you like this post, share it on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter by clicking the... Read more »