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Mountains, Shorelines, and the Midwest?

Apostle Islands
When you imagine scenic mountains and picturesque shorelines, you’re probably not thinking about the Midwest.  Caves and islands?  Seriously? With sights set on the grandeur of the Rockies or the sandy beaches of the Atlantic and Pacific, there is a tendency to overlook the fascinating diversity of terrain within a day’s drive of Chicago.  Have... Read more »

Photos: Staycation Suggestions, As Seen On A Bike

Paul Douglas Trail, Cook County Forest Preserve, Hoffman Estates, IL
With gas prices on the rise again (it must be an election year), more people are resigned to stay closer to home this summer. It’s time to take another look at all of the interesting sights that are right in our own backyards or within a relatively short drive. Here’s a sampling of some of... Read more »