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Sixty Second Cycling: Upcoming Events and Latest News

Here’s what’s happening this weekend: Friday, April 27th:  Critical Mass, Daley Plaza, 6pm – 11pm. Saturday, April 28th:  Great Western Trails and Prairie Path Cleanup Day, various trailhead locations, all day, rain or shine.  Bring a pair of gloves, some trash bags, and a cart to haul all the garbage out with you and join... Read more »

A New Bike Path in DuPage County?

A New Bike Path in DuPage County?
Part of the fun of bicycling is exploring new places. Given the choice of riding down a familiar path or following a new trail, my curiosity gets the better of me every time.  Such was the case yesterday when my familiar path intersected with a shiny new trail. Heading east along the Great Western Trail... Read more »

Photos: Staycation Suggestions, As Seen On A Bike

Paul Douglas Trail, Cook County Forest Preserve, Hoffman Estates, IL
With gas prices on the rise again (it must be an election year), more people are resigned to stay closer to home this summer. It’s time to take another look at all of the interesting sights that are right in our own backyards or within a relatively short drive. Here’s a sampling of some of... Read more »