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What Can Cyclists Do About Our "Rogue" Element?

Fellow cyclists, it appears we have a serious perception problem in the city of Chicago. Despite the efforts of Transportation Secretary Gabe Klein, the Active Transportation Alliance, the chainlink, Grid Chicago, and other pro-cycling advocates, certain careless “cyclists” among us threaten the goodwill everyone else has fought so hard to garner.  While being lumped together... Read more »

60 Second Cycling: Week in Review and Upcoming Events

Yesterday was a very bad day for bicycling.  The transportation bill that emerged from committee drastically reduces Federal funding for bicycling and pedestrian projects and sets active transportation policy back decades.  Dedicated Safe Routes to School funding has been eliminated along with the Complete Streets provision for future projects. You can read statements from Rails... Read more »

This Weekend: Support City Cycling!

This Weekend: Support City Cycling!
If you’re passionate about cycling in the City of Chicago, you need to set aside an hour or six of your time tomorrow and share your thoughts. Your input at CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein’s Open House Saturday, December 10th at 23 E. Madison from 10am to 4pm, will help determine where the next ninety seven... Read more »