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Bicycling Infrastructure: Don’t Let the Perfect Become the Enemy of the Good

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When it comes to safe and efficient bicycling infrastructure, few nations can rival the Netherlands.  It really seems that the Dutch have thought of everything. As this video shows, a transportation system that gives equal consideration to those choosing to travel under their own power by bike and purposely addresses the differences of speed and... Read more »

Video: Just Another Day on a Road Bike

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Not your typical ride to work! Enjoy Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Party video.

Even Pro Cyclists are Vulnerable on the Open Road

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Special thanks to People for Bikes for sharing this with us. It’s well worth watching!

Video: Hump Day Bicycle Humor

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Not much needs to be said about this video – just enjoy it! Thanks to The Hub in Minneapolis for first sharing this with me on Facebook.  It was subsequently shared by Momentum Magazine.   If you found this post helpful, share it on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter by clicking the boxes below the article... Read more »

Video: How The Dutch Got Their Cycle Paths

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Sometimes the best solutions to complex problems begin with the simplest ideas. The bicycle is a simple idea.  Its form remains nearly unchanged since the development of the first safety bicycle in the mid 1880s.  Meanwhile, every other technological advance in the last 130 years has brought along its share of challenges for our society.... Read more »

Exploring the Possibilities; earthrise - Cycle City

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Yes, it’s cold out there! While fair weather cyclists, like me, are taking their workouts indoors, the hardiest among us are still committed to riding all winter long.  In the US, we’re likely to call these year-round cyclists either brave or crazy. In Copenhagen Denmark, however, they’re simply referred to as average citizens. Take five... Read more »