30 Days of Biking begins today!

30 Days of Biking begins today!
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Looks like our schizophrenic friend Mother Nature has decided to mess with us on April Fools Day...

I refuse to play along with her. Not this time! I will throw on an extra layer and begin 30 Days of Biking with a lunchtime loop around a local forest preserve trail. It may not be as long of a ride as I would like, but it will be a ride nonetheless.

30 Days of Biking is all about making the commitment to ride again. No more excuses about the weather. No more waiting for perfect conditions. No more procrastination.

Today, we ride!

If you haven't taken the pledge, there's still time to visit the official website and profess your love of cycling to 30 Days' growing community of cyclists (2600+, so far). It's not a fundraising endeavor. There is no advocacy agenda. It's just a place for cyclists of all stripes to come together and support one another. Encouragement. Inspiration. Motivation.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some preparations to make before this afternoon's ride...


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Keep riding and be safe (and warm)!

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