GOP Election Loss may Force Sarah Palin to Pander to Emigrants from Hispania

The people have spoken.  The pundits have weighed in.  It’s now up to the politicians of the Republican Party to move through their stages of grief and find a new strategy to win national elections.

Obama’s campaign message resonated with 55% of women, 71% of Hispanics, 73% of Asian-Americans, and 93% of African-Americans.  While the GOP is unlikely to relent on its Anti-Choice stance or develop empathy for the challenges facing Asian and African-Americans, there exists an opportunity to reach out to Hispanics.  With 60,000 Hispanic youth reaching legal voting age each year, the GOP can no longer ignore this increasingly powerful cross-section of American voters.

The solution offered by some of the GOP pundits is remarkably simple; pander.

Florida’s junior Senator Marco Rubio is sitting on the bench.  If he would have been on the ticket instead of Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney would be president-elect today (so the Conservative pundits surmise).  All the party needs to do is make his smiling face more prominent and Latinos will switch their party affiliations pronto!

Rush Limbaugh confirmed this well-considered and proven approach to diversity in his defense of the party’s past outreach attempts during a recent post-election rant.  The Republicans have Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain - don’t tell him that they haven’t made an effort!  If pressed, I’m sure he would have eventually added the Fresh Prince’s cousin Carlton as another prime example of GOP inclusion…

While one can only expect simple minds to offer simple solutions, I’m guessing that the average high school history student could spot the problem with showcasing a Cuban-American as the GOP’s token Hispanic.

Cuban nationals don’t face the same immigration challenges as all the other emigrants from Latin American countries.  The “wet foot, dry foot” policy grants Cubans – and Cubans alone – a form of political asylum that is not afforded to any other Latino.  Long story short, Cuban-Americans like Marco Rubio aren’t representative of the same struggle as the rest of the Hispanic demographic.  It is no small wonder that Cuban-Americans are more conservative in their politics - they are the one-percenters of Latinos!

In order for the party to better understand the needs of Hispanics, I suggest putting Sarah Palin in charge of the outreach mission.  Her expertise in identifying other cultures has been well-documented with her eyewitness observation of Russia and her proclamation of Africa as a country.  Who better to find Hispania?

With the next election in 2014, it’s doubtful that the GOP – even with the help of someone as intellectually curious as Palin – will discover Hispania in time.  Spoiler alert – Hispania hasn’t existed since the time of the Ancient Romans.  The term Hispanic is about as accurate of an ethnic or geographic identifier as that of American Indian.  The only common denominator among Hispanics is the Spanish language (apologies to the people of Portugal who also originated in Hispania, but were excluded from the official ethnic classification).

It is unfortunate that the term Hispanic has become accepted shorthand for the people of Latin America.  While the term Latino may be more accurate, using this identifier will likely create controversy within GOP leadership.  Not because it is too generic, but because of the requirement to roll one’s tongue when pronouncing the word properly.  The xenophobic part of the base will turn even whiter with fear should a candidate like Rubio show proper respect to his heritage with a momentary slip into Spanish…

It will be difficult for the GOP to pander to Latinos.

The needs of each individual nationality are as diverse as the heritage behind them.  No two cultures are exactly alike.  The governments that each group is fleeing from are different.  The singular commonality is the opportunity America affords each individual.

Thus far, the GOP has sent strong signals to Latinos seeking their version of the American Dream that they need no longer apply.  If you’re here illegally, kindly self-deport.  Take your "anchor babies" with you.  Your next attempt to return will be met with a better border fence and trigger-happy militias.  And if you do manage to make it past our beefed-up border patrol, we’ll still track you down through ethnic profiling.

Is it any wonder that 71% of Latinos rejected the party of Mitt Romney?  It’s hard to support a candidate whose party has demonized your ethnicity as nothing more than a bunch of common criminals.  Worse yet is a hypocritical base that conveniently forgets that its own ancestors were once immigrants seeking a better life who were welcomed by Lady Liberty.

It is sad that it has taken the threat of more lost national elections for the GOP to wake up to the reality that the demographics of America are changing.  A Romney presidency would have represented the last opportunity to impose the will of some of white America on women’s reproductive rights, immigration policy, and aid to disenfranchised minorities.  A single four-year term in the White House would have not only postponed the inevitable, but extended the advantage for decades through ultraconservative Supreme Court appointments upholding draconian legislation.

It’s time to stop hoarding the American Dream and start sharing it with all Americans.

I predict that the GOP will move quickly on Immigration Reform.  It has already been reported that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is willing to review a bipartisan plan that was shelved in 2009 after the GOP decided it was more important to deny President Obama reelection than solve this festering problem.   It will take a serious spin-job to gain the support of the GOP base, but it represents the only chance the GOP has for saving face and returning to the support Latinos showed George W. Bush a mere eight years ago.

I will also predict that propping Marco Rubio up as the spokesperson for Latinos will backfire badly.  He may be acceptable to white voters – and that might be what the party needs to convince the base that Latinos can be Americans too – but he will not move the needle among Hispanics (even if he does slip into Spanish when he pronounces “Latino”).  He has never shared the same struggles and doesn’t share their views on social justice.  He will be seen as another Tio Tom.

My final prediction is that this expedient about-face will not move the needle in terms of Latino support for the Republican Party.  The assumption that this demographic is a homogenous group voting on a single issue is incorrect, yet it continues to highlight the real problem with today’s GOP – lack of genuine empathy.

Democrats don’t hold an exclusive on empathy, but it is a core value.  Putting yourself in another person’s shoes is not the sole province of Liberals or Progressives.  Last I checked, empathy was a virtue held by every religion – Christians in particular.  Empathy and fiscal prudence are not mutually exclusive concepts.

The current GOP is now looking for a pitch.  A catchy slogan.  A clever hook.  Republicans are hoping that a pander, a token, or an overture will do the trick.  Expedience may necessitate this tactic, but it won’t mask the fact that this newly found interest in immigration reform is nothing short of a ploy.

It’s not the changing demographics of the American people that present the most pressing problem to the Republicans.  It comes down to a question of genuine empathy.

Is the Republican Party capable of putting itself in the shoes of anyone other than the wealthiest Americans?

UPDATED 11-12-12, 3:00pm CST to include link to Daily Beast Article enumerating the issues of importance to Latino voters.


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  • As for that great Latino, Mitt Romney, he may self-deport himself. Or not.

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    Actually, Governor Palin endorsed Ted Cruz in Texas along with the Tea Party. It was the Tea Party who put Rubio over the top before he became a politician who sold out to the establishment.

    It was Governor Palin who endorsed and campaigned for countless minorities including Mia Love, Allen West, Susanna Martinez, Nikki Haley, and many more....

    All Republicans have to do to win is be conservative again, stand by their principles....Governor Palin and people like Ron Paul who tell the truth: we don't have the money to pay out everything this government has promised out which is bankrupting us and putting us on the path to becoming Zimbabwe -- EVEN IF you "tax the rich!" at 100%.

    I know it's fitting to write articles which ride a media narrative. But you idiots have been bashing Sarah Palin for four years now and we are 6 trillion dollars further in debt by the alleged intellectuals on both sides of the aisle in Washington.

    I truly hope the media begins to honor our troops by discontinuing their sexist mocking of Governor Palin and actually begin to provide us with information useful to saving out great nation.

  • In reply to Steve Flesher:

    Steve, thanks for reading and taking the time to reply.

    I admit that I used 1/2-term Governor Palin as a comic foil for my post, mainly because she is geography-challenged. She is also representative of the intellectually incurious who fail to recognize that America is made up of freedom-loving individuals from very diverse backgrounds. We can't lump people together because of their skin color or a common spoken language and assume that they are single-issue voters with homogenous needs, just to pander for votes.

    I have heard many Social Conservatives deny changing demographics and call for the party to become even more conservative. It's as if it is a call to double-down on evangelism, convert more souls to your way of thinking, and finally win the crusade. Odds are against this approach.

    The election results were pretty clear; single women don't want the government to make decisions about their health. Gays don't want the government to deny them equal rights. Undocumented immigrants don't want to be classified as illegals. The economically disadvantaged don't want to make sacrifices so that the rich can get richer through perpetual tax cuts and subsidies.

    No amount of crusading will change the hearts and minds of the individuals the GOP agenda seeks to disenfranchise. The party also does not need any social platform to enact sound fiscal policies. The fact - yes, fact - that every Republican Administration since Reagan has failed to balance the budget and racked up the deficit demonstrates the party is devoid of ideas that exemplify fiscal prudence. Blaming Obama for adding the cost of Bush's wars to the deficit and paying for the bailouts enacted under Bush is a disingenuous attack. Obama has succeeded in lowering budgeted government spending.

    The charge of sexism against Palin is also disingenuous. She is another prime example of GOP pandering - the Mc Cain Campaign assumed Hillary Clinton's female supporters would vote the GOP ticket because they all shared a chromosome with Sarah. The GOP is the only party guilty of sexism here.

    I don't get the connection as to how mocking Palin dishonors our troops. She never served. She never commanded. She is the mother of a soldier and I will give HIM credit for his service.

    Sarah Palin has never offered any new ideas for saving our great nation. But she does play the role of the victim exceptionally well...

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    Thanks for responding. But calling her a 1/2 term Governor misses the point.

    Did you know, for instance, that Governor Palin balanced her budget? Did you know she cut spending on pork projects, was able to increase state benefits for seniors, and was still able to put billions away in state reserve accounts for her citizens? Did you know she accomplished everything she set out to do in those first two years over the full four year term?

    And did you understand the circumstances surrounding her resignation?

    What do you mean she plays the victim? Why the constant condescension when we see what Obama has done to us or the establishment politicians among the right knowing that she was able to govern without becoming beholden to special interests?

    She has a real record.

    As far as her neing geographically challenged, you're playing off semantics there and not facts.

    I'm simply saying that Governor Palin doesn't have out nation in the dire straits it is in today. It's all those politicians who were smart enough and went to the right schools.

    Let's go forward focusing more on what a public servant does when they're in their seat as opposed to how many cobwebs the usual career politician collects by sitting in their seats for decades at a time.

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    In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    Mocking Palin dishonors our troops because it's been done and clearly she is not responsible for the mess we are in. Freedom of the press has clearly been abused.

    On gay rights, check the bill Governor Palin vetoed from the Alaska Senate in 2006 which attempted to override a Supreme Court decision to grant benefits rights to partners of state employees.

    There was no mandate in this election. It was a group of unenthused conservatives.

    Check the numbers: 8M of Obama's voters stayed home this time. Palin brought out 2.5M more voters in 2008 than Romney /Ryan did in 2012.

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    In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    Brent, you are aware that "I can see Russia from my house" was Tina Fey, not Sarah Palin (who said that you can see Russia from points in Alaska, which is true) and that the thing about Africa as a country was unsourced rumor from disgruntled campaign people?

    If not, maybe you could retract.

    If so, shouldn't you be ashamed of yourself?

  • fb_avatar

    Let's see. We have unemployment and underemployment at close to 17%. We're talking about QE3. We're 16 trillion dollars in debt. Our President's foreign policy is blowing up in our faces with Benghazi, terrorist flags flying over our embassies, Iran shooting at our drones and Petraeus resigning under a cloud and with very suspicious timing.

    So of course, now is the perfect time to dredge up ridiculous tired old and false attacks on Sarah Palin who rightly pointed out that Russia is visible from Alaska (Diomede Islands) and who never said Africa was a country.

    Yes. By all means let's go even further. Who needs to focus on the debt and deficit, the rising cost of goods, the devaluing of our currency or the closing off of domestic energy resources when we can regurgitate lies and distortions about Palin?

    Hey I know. Let's talk about how she forced women to pay for their own rape kits and banned books or any number of the lies levied against her!

    It's so much easier to whine and make stuff up about Palin and the Republican Party than it is to report on, you know, the actual issues of the day.

  • Wow, it seems I struck a nerve using Sarah Palin as my example of the geographically-challenged and intellectually incurious faction of the Republican Party...

    You can see my reply to the poster above regarding 1/2 term Governor Palin.

    The point of this article is that pandering will get the GOP nowhere in winning national elections. Women voters didn't buy SP as a viable "president in waiting" in 2008, despite the McCain Campaign's blatant attempt to exploit her as a token female. She was not only my comic foil, but an example of yet another GOP tactic backfiring.

    As for your other points, I won't address any of them individually. It's a difference of opinion and the majority of voters chose to take Obama's approach. Your side will have four years to monitor the success and offer a better solution next time. In the meantime, you may want to analyze the demographics and hold back on the social issues if fiscal issues are your strength...

    One other point about Palin; She had the opportunity to spend the last four years learning about the world, listening to ALL Americans, and educating herself about economic issues. Instead, she chose to quit her job serving the people and become a media pundit. She has never elevated the discourse nor has she ever offered an alternative direction that appealed to anyone other than Tea Party adherents. She is quite content being the Queen of the Victims. She has no desire to represent and further the needs of all Americans.

    I honestly can't believe she still has supporters...

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    Pandering will get no politician anywhere which is why Governor Palin or someone like Rand Paul who know what our constitution says won't budge.

    Yes the establishment won't follow principles and liberals certainly won't either. Palin won a massive midterm election in 2010.

    Victimization is used by the left, they need birth control, they need us to pay for it. They need more benefits. Jesse Jackson said blacks should get a return on their "investment" in Obama.

    Governor Palin on the other hand has been taking these shots from folks like you for 4 years and she still stands strong. She hasn't waivered from her principles.

    Calling her the Queen of the Victims when you guys showcased Sandra Fluke through the entire process and even had her at your convention is slightly ironic.

  • In reply to Steve Flesher:


    I can see that you're a Palin supporter and the purpose of my post wasn't to discuss Palin's appeal. It was to discuss the GOP's short-term solutions to long-term problems.

    Palin may be all the wonderful things her supporters seek in a candidate, but she was still offered up as a token female who wasn't properly vetted. She's an example of a pandering attempt that didn't work.

    We can debate all day long whether she garnered or lost more votes for McCain, contributed to the Tea Party's success in 2010, or their rebuke in 2012. It doesn't change the fact that the GOP has lost the Latino vote.

    I don't even care how a fantasized President Palin would solve the immigration issue. How do you propose the GOP go about garnering the vote of the majority of Latinos in 2014, 2016, and beyond?

    Or do you feel that it's not important to be inclusive of the needs of Latinos when the party can just double-down on social issues and garner a larger share of the declining white vote?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    In other words, the fact that you're promulgating lies about her doesn't actually matter to you?

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    Brent, who gives you the space to write and have you print such DRIVEL. Nothing above is enlightening, other than you exposing yourself as a racist, suggesting Rubio as VP would have given Romney his victory. Are you suggesting Cubans are not interested in issues and vote only for their 'own' kind?

    Wouldn't picking Rubio as a VP pick be the same as Palin being picked by McCain (at least according to the LEFT). Of course Sarah Palin had serious accomplishments, in fact Historic accomplishments as Governor in Alaska, which resulted in her being by far the most popular politician in the country where she was employed. Your stupid comments about Russia and Alaska only demonstrates you live in LaLaLand. There is not a shred of evidence Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country, and she flat out denied she said it. Where is you evidence?

    It seems to me with the way YOU THINK, you voted for the wrong guy. You are WHITE -right? According to YOU people vote the color of their skin. What you don't get and are blind by your own prejudice is that whites on the RIGHT vote for IDEADS!!!!!! and following the law means something to our side. IT is the LEFT that is hung-up on Identity politics. We don't see Latinos as illegals, it is you that see ILLEGALS as future votes. It is written in your own words.

    Your thinking is very typical of Progressives that are intellectually challenged when it comes to knowing your opponent, but since the general voter on the LEFT is also intellectually challenged on almost all issues, it is no wonder your side of the aisle lacks and intellectual curiosity.

    What Latinos and others in your voting block will soon discover is that the Democrat Party may use Identity Politics by lying about the WHITE-RIGHT, but that now they have to actually GOVERN. In four years the Democrats have accomplished nothing. Now sadly, we will watch another four years of the Democrats unable to Govern in the manner they Campaign. Do you suggest the Constitution be violated to allow illegals to continue to enter the country? What is your solution to stop illegals for coming into the country? Or because it adds to your voting base that that is not a concern of yours.

    It is sad that the Latino community hasn't figured it out yet, but they will eventually, that the LEFT offers them nothing but crumbs (small checks) to keep them in the economic status they are currently in. Republican leaders can follow the "Pandering" line as much as they want. Conservatives won't be supporting them. The Law is the Law. Follow the Constitution, Federal Law (unlike the President), State Law, or find yourself governing the chaos your side caused by lying to your voters.

  • In reply to Dennis McHale:

    Dennis, you do understand satire, correct? I was echoing the words of Conservative pundits who suggested that Rubio would have made the difference - those are not my thoughts.

    In fact, if you read the entire post, a reasonable person would realize that I am railing against both racism and the type of stereotypes that would cause a guy like John Sununu to publicly state that Colin Powell supported Obama SOLELY because he was black. My paraphrasing of Rush Limbaugh's actual words - defending Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain as the GOP's example of successful outreach, should have tipped you off that I was criticizing this view, not elevating it.

    The use of tokens - and Sarah Palin was every bit one in the 2008 race - is a strategy that will backfire. Marco Rubio will similarly backfire as he is not representative of Latino immigrants. The GOP suggesting him as a token only enforces the party's own racism and lack of concern about the needs of Latinos.

    The point of this post was that Latinos are not a homogenous group that votes based on a single issue. The GOP needs to take the time to find out ALL the issues that appeal to EACH of the nationalities that make up this demographic. Focusing on one - immigration reform - further reduces Latinos to a stereotype for the GOP's pandering purposes. Is this not a racist view?

    Your comments represent Mitt Romney's views about the 47%. You assume that Latinos vote Democratic because they expect something in return (small checks, in your words). You basically just made my point for me - you have contempt for others who are not like yourself.

    I guess you're partially correct in why the majority of women, Asian-Americans, Latinos, and African-Americans support Democratic candidates - they are seeking something they feel they are entitled to. That something is EQUALITY.

    Good luck on that social conservative agenda that seeks to take away rights and disenfranchise groups of people you do not agree with. Double down on exclusivity and continue to alienate more and more Americans who don't hold the same view about government as you do. We'll continue to vote for candidates who actually WANT to govern and we'll continue to move forward despite the obstruction from those like you who don't.

  • fb_avatar

    Brent. Thanks for the article and the thought provoking way you approached the dilemma of inclusion for the republican party. The Palin and Rubio references were effective and appropriate in drawing attention to how dysfunctional and adrift the Republican party has become. The white old people (WOP) in the GOP seem willing to cling to some woman or some Latino to redress their defeats but fundamentally they don't get it. From now on if they want more than 47% of people to trust them by voting for them they need to be more caring and more sharing, they need to be truly inclusive Americans.

  • In reply to Stephen Arthur:

    Stephen - thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment.

    "More caring and more sharing" - that might actually fit on a bumper sticker!

    You summarized it quite well. Thanks again!

  • Wow interesting dynamic going on here. I read the post I think its a stretch calling Brent a racist. The jest of the article indicates how the GOP missed an opportunity to tap into a growing voting block. Someone mentioned Ted Cruz he himself has indicated that in an interview with the New Yorker, "If Republicans do not do better in the Hispanic community, in a few short years Republicans will no longer be the majority party in our state". The same sentiments can be echoed by Carlos Gutierrez a Romney adviser. Unfortunately the GOP tent has gotten narrower and alienated many. We need comprehensive thoughtful immigration reform what we heard during the primaries was something quite draconian and unrealistic. Understanding of the diverse Latino community is a must if you want to garner our vote. The demographics in this country are changing, the GOP if it wants to stay relevant needs to do some soul searching. What I keep hearing is the party is not conservative enough not pure enough , I don't think the party is pragmatic enough to stay relevant. I should know as a former Latino Republican.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to javwho1:

    Javwho1, I am not going to speak for Republicans, but I do believe I can speak for Conservatives. What is it that Latinos want from the Conservatives? To cross the Mexican/American border at will? Forget it. They want amnesty above those that came here legally and have been waiting years? Forget it. The border needs to be closed, no different than the Mexican Border is closed to Americans wishing to go south. This idea of "more caring and sharing", are you stating you want those that have work hard for their own families to just hand over their hard earned pay? How much will work for you? What will it take to BUY YOUR VOTE? See what I'm getting at. Your vagueness in how the Conservatives are suppose to win over Latinos is insulting. Conservatives are simply looking for solutions to make America a better place. AND I don't mean WHITE America. All are welcome if you obey the law, that all have to follow.

    As for Brent: You are clearly disingenuous. You want to say "I'm only fooling.", but than smack down that the Republican Party have racist among them. That's pretty strong direct language, for someone who is suggesting his article is meant to be satire.

    Then this LEFTIST thinking that Sarah Palin was picked solely because she was a women. Obviously you never bother to find out why she was the most popular (by far) politician in the country. The fact that she crossed Party lines to get great legislation passed. AND if your getting to tokens, WHAT IS OBAMA? What did he bring to the table? I would love to hear, outside of social issues and not what your against, what does the Democrat Party offer, if not crumbs. Empathy? Really? Your going to vote for a President because he feels my pain? Because he talks of raising the Tax Rate to the level of peanuts of what he wants to spend? Does that make sense? Romney bothered me because he seemed unable to spell out a vision for our country. He played it way to safe. On the Left, you think of terms of Identity instead of learning about a person's background. Sarah Palin is neither extreme, nor dumb, and is certainly intellectually curious. The LEFT believes the nonsense it tells itself. Global Warming is the perfect example. Well, I can't deny BUSH screwed things up, but Obama is the reincarnation of FDR (you probably think that's a good thing), who blamed Hoover for a dozen years of the Depression he couldn't figure his way out of. Obama will blame Bush for the next four, because he will remain clueless until then. I can only hope Latinos and women and the youth will put aside their "vengeance" in order to just bring the Federal Gov't back to some sanity. That is why I support Sarah Palin. She governed as a pragmatic, speaks with common sense, and is uncorruptible.

  • fb_avatar

    Since I am here, I will also fill you in to a move truthful way of looking at the election results. Of course the National Media and every other LEFTIST thinking person is looking to blame White America for supposedly being Bigots, and the fact the Whites have all the money and the LEFT wants a piece of it, without having to earn it.

    Romney lost because he told his Conservative base to get lost. Something the LEFT doesn't get is how popular Sarah Palin is. There is a reason for this that the LEFT in the "Cut Throat Politics" never bothered to learn about Sarah Palin. She came from poverty, educated herself Academically beyond those around her, and pull up her own boot straps and took on the most powerful political forces in this country. Her battles in Alaska included taking on close personal friends of Bush and his Family, and a direct conflict with Dick Cheney when she defeated the Big Oil CEO's in Federal Court.

    She is the TRUE Public Servant on the National scene. The Democrats tried to recruit her in Alaska, but she wouldn't give up her Pro-LIFE stance. I understand you believe she wasn't qualified to be McCain's VP pick, and that the very top Bush leadership in the GOP have continually used the LEFT Media to shoot her down, but 83% of the voting block on the RIGHT approved highly of her in exit polling on 2008 Election Day.

    That support hasn't gone away, other than many of those who would support her have been brow-beaten by the media to hide their approval of her. What doomed Romney was the constant attacks by the upper echelon of the Republican Party, (Cheney's - she was a mistake), and Romney following that up by not inviting her to the Convention. Whether you are aware or not Sarah Palin has remained the most popular politician on the Political RIGHT over four years, and every legitimate poll shows it.

    Unfortunately many of her supporters decided to stay home. I myself had had it with the Republican Party, but I felt the need to replace Obama. Others on her many sites stated flatly they were not going to vote. I can assure you almost every vote McCain got, Palin would have gotten. The fact that Romney couldn't manage to get even the number of votes McCain got, tells me that TEA Party people who admire Palin, but don't necessarily listen to her every direction, didn't show up on Election day. Romney lost because he told Conservatives I don't need you, just show up on Election Day. Sorry Conservatives no longer care about the Republican Party.

    Palin recently won Greta's 2016 poll by a large margin. Palin represents the middle class working population better than any politician in this country including Obama, only the National LEFT Media has concocted a narrative about Palin that is utterly false. Of course you believe it. I have no clue to whether Palin will reenter politics, but if she does the Republican Party has a HUGE problem. If they don't support her, the Conservative base will not support them.

  • In reply to Dennis McHale:

    Dennis, thanks for sharing your views on Sarah Palin. With this resume and popular support, I can't understand why she didn't try to take on Romney in the primaries...

    If your contention is that the real reason the party lost this election is that it was not conservative ENOUGH, do you really believe that there is enough of a white vote left to propel a social conservative into the White House in 2016?

    What would the ideal socially conservative candidate do to appeal to the needs of the Latino voter? The Daily Beast posted a great article that shows that immigration reform isn't the top issue and that Latinos aren't just "natural conservatives with visa problems." This diverse demographic won't be easily swayed by social conservatism arguments. (

    What do you specifically propose social conservatives can do to broaden their appeal beyond Palin's base?

  • fb_avatar

    Brent's article made an astute observation with a tongue in cheek Palin connection. Most of the comments posted here are symptomatic of the things wrong with American politics and wrong with the thinking of too many of our people. Whatever party you follow and whichever politician you vote for why not try to restrain the radicals, reduce the rants and move to the middle. If you don't get your way and if you want to win then be more moderate not more extreme, it's just common sense. But if you must become more angry or more extreme then you'll get what you deserve - more grief... And you should be ashamed

  • fb_avatar

    Stephan if you see Sarah Palin as Extreme, or radical because that is what the MSM is telling you, that just confirms to me that you are not aware of how she governed. Please tell e what a Moderate stands for? Is all moderates Pro-Choice? Polls indicate otherwise. Do all Moderates accept the current reckless spending levels? Conservatives / Tea Party people do not seem unreasonable tome. Believe it or not raising taxes (are not preferred) can be acceptable, but only after we have a growing economy and this Gov't shows it can live within its means. The TEA Party started as a result of Bush, not Obamacare (obviously not for it). The LEFT doesn't understand this. Conservatives have compromised and moved to the middle to get along with Rhinos (who don't stand for anything). We want responsibility and accountability. Brent Conservatives will be socially who we are, and if that cost us future elections because the LEFT wants to make it up as they go along, then fine. I look at it this way: It is the youths and Latinos, and thoughtless females future country to destroy in any manner they chose. I look at California and I see our nation's future. When Obama and his supporters are finished screwing it up, I hope they will turn to Sarah Palin's ideas, because I think she has it about right. If fact she has a governing record to prove it. That's why McCain picked her, because she didn't need to be vetted if Obama wasn't. Certainly in my eyes she would have been a vast improvement over Biden as VP. Of course if you believe she is an idiot, I don't blame you for not supporting her. I have learned about her as I try to do about many politicians. To me she stacks up better than most.

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