60 Second Cycling: Biking Stories You May Have Missed

Here's a quick summary of bicycling-related stories you may have missed:

Illinois' Dead Red Stoplight Law now in effect!  If you are riding anywhere in the state outside the city limits of Chicago, you may now legally proceed through a red light (traffic permitting) after waiting 120 seconds for the light to change.  This law applies to both bikes and motorcycles due to their inability to trip the intersection sensor.  The League of Illinois Bicyclists gives more information on the law and registering your presence at an intersection here.

Living with the new Transportation Bill.  America Bikes confirms that there is less funding available for bicycling projects and more competition for these limited funds in a blog post here.  The League of American Bicyclists posted an article entitled Finding a Route Forward Under Map 21.  Transportation for America posted an analysis of the entire transpo bill entitled 10 things to know about the new transportation law.  While we may have been wounded in this latest battle, we're still standing (or should I say pedaling) and we will find a way to make the best of a bad situation by working together under the new rules!

Engaging Women in Bicycling.  The League of American Bicyclists hosted a webinar last week entitled Engaging Women in Bike Clubs and is now offering the full session for viewing on their website.  This was but a preview of the issues to be discussed at the National Women's Bicycling Summit scheduled for September 13th in Long Beach California.

ATA seeks Chicagoans' input for Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign.  The Active Transportation Alliance is hard at work advocating for 100 miles of protected bike lanes by 2015.  Please take a moment to visit their Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign page and voice your support.

Name that Bike Rack / Tour de Fat Promotion.  The chainlink is hosting a contest in honor of this Saturday's Tour de Fat bike ride in Logan Square.  Each day from now until the 21st, the chainlink will post a picture of a bike rack located somewhere in the city and the first person to Name that Bike Rack will win his or her choice of a New Belgium t-shirt or bicycle bell.

Why You Should Bookmark Grid Chicago.  If you're a cyclist, pedestrian, and/or mass transit rider in Chicago, Grid Chicago not only keeps you up-to-date with useful information, it offers an incredible perspective on getting around the city.  Recent posts include Metra's inconsistency makes me want to drive and Do 10% of bike commuters really crash each year?  Bookmark this site for daily reading.

Off on another week-long bicycling adventure at RAGBRAI.  Next week my blog posts may be few and far between while I join 20,000 other cyclists in the epic ride across Iowa known by its acronym, RAGBRAI.  If you're not familiar with the ride, you can read my most recent post here.  Last year's perspective - one of my first posts on Chicago Now - appears here.  If you're up for a longer read about what RAGBRAI meant to me after recovering from a heart attack, the five-part series begins here.

Don't forget to check the chainlink and Mike Bentley's Midwest Bike Rides page for a comprehensive listing of upcoming bicycling events.  

Keep riding and be safe!

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