Bike and Pedestrian Funding (Still) Under Attack!

Bike and Pedestrian Funding (Still) Under Attack!

It seems that every time the topic of renewing the Transportation Bill comes before a group of Republicans in the House of Representatives, they take great pleasure in lining out all funding for any mode of transportation that isn't powered by petroleum.

Once again, the meager 2% of funds that go toward improving infrastructure for people who choose to walk and ride bikes is on the chopping block.  This includes the paltry amount awarded for the Safe Routes to School program.

Please take a moment to contact your three elected representatives - two senators and one congressman - and let them know that you support funding for walking and biking.  It takes all of sixty seconds when you follow this link to People for Bikes and enter your zip+4, name, and email address.

It only takes a minute to help save cycling (and walking)...


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  • Cycling has been done for over a century, and walking since evolution made the human race bipedal, and now suddenly we need government (money) for it to continue?

    Illinois is broke. Let's make it broker.

  • I have trained my pet turtles to carry me to and from work, this funding will surely help my daily commute as my turtles have been having a hard time getting over such hazards as fallen leaves and dog poo.

  • The bicycle is still the most energy-efficient conveyance ever invented. Just because the automakers and oil companies have relegated it to recreation status doesn't mean that forward-thinking individuals can't choose to utilize it for transportation.

    We don't "suddenly" need government money for it - we've been receiving government money for infrastructure improvements for over a decade. This allows communities to receive matching funds for bike lanes, paths, bridges, sidewalks, and crosswalks to give citizens a safe alternative to driving a car. Those that choose to walk or ride reduce congestion, lower air pollution, and save gas.

    Pedestrians and cyclists also take personal responsibility for their health - saving the rest of us money in healthcare costs.

    There is no reason that the taxes we all pay should be used exclusively to directly and indirectly subsidize the auto infrastructure and the food system that is making us all ill while cheaper alternatives exist that benefit society as a whole.

    Walking and bicycling isn't for everyone and we're only asking for 2% of the transportation funding when 4% of us are engaged in these activities.

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