Public Support for Bicycling Infrastructure is Growing!

Public Support for Bicycling Infrastructure is Growing!

As you can see from America Bikes' infographic above, public support for bicycling infrastructure investment is growing in the United States.

Interestingly, this support transcends political affiliation and the urban versus exurban debate.  The average American, when asked specifically, has indicated that he or she views bicycling favorably and believes that our Federal government should be allocating funding to make it easier for all citizens to ride a bike.

This is great news!

Now it's time to let each of our elected officials know that we would like to make bicycling a priority.  Lucky for us, The League of American Bicyclists has a take action page that makes it easy for you to contact your representatives.

Let's not wait for another defunding threat to get involved - let's seize the moment while the survey results are still part of the latest news cycle!

Keep riding and be safe!


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