Will Your Child's School Be Participating in Bike to School Day on May 9th?

Will Your Child's School Be Participating in Bike to School Day on May 9th?
Courtesy of National Center for Safe Routes to School

This coming Wednesday, May 9th, is the first ever Bike to School Day.

Organized and promoted by The National Center for Safe Routes to School and the League of American Bicyclists, this National Bike Month event seeks to emulate the success of Walk to School Day in October.

Do you know if your child's school is participating?

If you haven't heard anything from the school or parent-teacher group, chances are good that your school has not officially registered to be a "pioneer" of this event.  That doesn't mean that there isn't time for you to get involved and help organize your own event.

If you have fond memories of walking or riding your bike to elementary or middle school and regret that the America of today is no longer conducive to exercising this liberty, you may want to look into the grassroots movement that is known as Safe Routes to School.  Parents across the country are taking charge of their communities and ensuring that their children have the same opportunities they had growing up.

In our day, walking or biking to school was but one form of our daily exercise.  The percentage of overweight and obese children combined then was still less than the percentage of obese children alone now.  While prepared foods and tasty beverages weren't loaded with high fructose corn syrup prior to the 80s, we also didn't have video games, pcs, bluerays, and cable tv to keep us inside and sedentary.

When we were kids, getting ourselves to school taught us accountability.   We were responsible for both our personal safety and the security of our locked bicycle.  Punctuality and self-reliance were also traits that were reinforced by walking and bicycling.

May is the perfect month for you and your children to rediscover bicycling.  Bike to School Day, Cyclo Femme's We Ride Day May 13th, Ride of Silence May 16th, Bike to Work Day, May 18th, Bike to Work Week, May 14th - 18th, and Bike the Drive, May 27th - are all opportunities for you to reclaim your health while you relive your youth.

Keep riding and be safe!


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