Video: How The Dutch Got Their Cycle Paths

Sometimes the best solutions to complex problems begin with the simplest ideas.

The bicycle is a simple idea.  Its form remains nearly unchanged since the development of the first safety bicycle in the mid 1880s.  Meanwhile, every other technological advance in the last 130 years has brought along its share of challenges for our society.

Traffic congestion.  Exhaust emissions.  Public safety.  Dependence on foreign oil.  We Americans struggle to find amicable, cost-effective solutions to these issues as if they suddenly appeared on our radar.

The Dutch tackled these problems forty years ago.

Yes, I know, we have twenty times as many people and our land mass is 285 times greater.  I also know that our average temperature doesn't hover around 57 degrees with lows ranging from right around freezing to highs in the low 70s.

Holland's solution is more applicable to American cities.

Take a minute - ok, six minutes - to view this informative video.  You may even be surprised as to what the "tipping point" was for the Dutch.  I know I was.

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Special thanks to Julia Leytes of Bike2Power for finding this video and sharing it with me on Facebook.


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