60 Second Cycling Summary: Upcoming Events and Week in Review

60 Second Cycling Summary: Upcoming Events and Week in Review
The sight and smell of flowering trees can be worth braving strong wind and cold temps.

I would love to hear from any of you participating in 30 Days of Biking - especially on uninspiring days like yesterday with high winds and low temps (I barely made 7 miles).

Had it not been for my commitment to riding every day in April, I would have been content just to read all these interesting cycling stories (summarized in 250 words or less, hence the 60 second distinction):

A Call For Unification.  With the League of American Cyclists, Bikes Belong, and the Alliance for Biking and Walking merging into a single advocacy organization, there is a request for your input regarding prioritization of their initiatives.  Please take a moment to complete the Unification Survey and let them know exactly what you would like them to focus on.

Minneapolis Release Video on Sharing the Road with Cyclists.  Maybe I should have led with this article as this is definitely a suggestion you can offer the League of American Bicyclists on their Unification Survey.  Minneapolis is very proactive in its approach to Share The Road education, releasing two new videos aimed at all road users - including motorists.  Dedicated bike lanes and shared lanes are designed to improve cyclist safety, but if the motoring public doesn't know how to read road markings, a lane's effectiveness is lost.      

Boom in Biking Benefits Everyone, Not Just Cyclists.  This post from the Rails to Trails Conservancy highlights the health and economic benefits to all of society when more people choose to ride bicycles.  Give it a read and check out other interesting RTC stories including the opportunity to ride over the railroad bridge featured in Stand By Me.

The List: 9 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ride to Work.  Brendan Leonard at The Adventure Journal offers a (spoiler alert) sarcastic take on why anyone would let common misconceptions about bike commuting dissuade them from giving it a try.  Judging by some of the comments he received, it appears that some people didn't appreciate the cynicism and branded the poor guy with the holier than thou / smug / self-absorbed / blah blah blah elitist cyclist label.  His underlying point is simple - it's not impossible to add a bike commute to your daily routine - it just takes readjusting your perspective.

If you want to skip the snark, check out some bike commuting tips on my Facebook fan page...

Warming Up to The Idea of Buying A New Bike.  Tribune reporter Barbara Brotman shared her personal story about being bitten by the new bike bug in a feature article this past Wednesday.  There are a few good tips offered by local cycling advocates.  It's a good place to start gathering information about the possibilities of upgrading your old bike.

Women in Cycling: Why We Matter.  Earlier this week, I devoted a post to the 2012 Women's Cycling Clinic at Highland Park High School on April 20th.  Today I would like to share a great post from Girl Bike Love.  Take a moment to read it - you'll be inspired!

Researching Bike Tourism's Economic Impact.  In this interesting post on Taking The Lane, Heather Andrews introduces us to Heidi Beierle and her work on the topic of bicycle tourism.  In a matter of minutes, you'll become more aware of the work of the Adventure Cycling Association and the US Bicycle Route System.

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Here's what's happening this week:

Courtesy of the chainlink, tonight, Friday April 6th, we have the  Full Moon Fiasco.  Saturday offers Beer 'n Bike Tour and the Major Taylor Trail Cleanup.  Monday brings a Friends of the Lakeshore Trail Visioning Workshop hosted by the Active Transportation Alliance.

Organized rides are just starting to kick into gear, so bookmark Mike Bentley's Bicycle Links page and its Midwest Ride Calendar for 2012.

Enjoy your holiday weekend - keep riding and be safe!


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