Sixty Second Cycling: Week in Review

Sixty Second Cycling: Week in Review
Alberto Contador & Lance Armstrong courtesy of Yahoo Image Search

Bicycling Funding remains under attack!  20 years of transportation enhancements - Federal funds used to improve cycling and pedestrian infrastructure - are in jeopardy in both the House and the Senate.

While only accounting for 1.5% of the total transportation budget, the House transportation committee and its counterpart in the Senate have decided that those of us who choose to conserve oil, relieve traffic congestion, and reduce emissions should sacrifice our funding to those who do the exact opposite.  It's time to speak up and save cycling!

In less than three minutes, you can contact your Representative and both Senators through the League of American Bicyclists' action page.  Share this site with your friends via email, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Doping continues to be the top headline in bicycling news.  If you just tuned in, the sport's greatest champion was cleared (for the moment), its current MVP was stripped of his wins and retroactively banned, and a retired racer was stripped of a result from seven years ago and suspended for two years.

If you're not a bicycle racing fan (beyond watching the Tour de France from time to time), you have probably developed the impression that the sport is severely tainted by illicit substance abuse.  If you are a fan, you're probably scratching your head wondering why a racer who tested positive was allowed to continue racing if his inability to prove his innocence would result in retroactive disqualification.

Much has been written on cycling sites this past week about the perception of Lance Armstrong, the details of the Alberto Contador case, and the bizarre, post-retirement ban of Jan Ullrich.  I weighed in - maybe a little prematurely - the day of the Contador decision, as well as offered my two cents on Lance just two days prior to that.

I plan on posting a new perspective on this early next week.  So study up on this, hone your talking points, and prepare for a spirited debate on cycling's public perception and the cost of keeping the sport clean.

February is American Heart Month and even cyclists are at risk.  Many cyclists believe that a low resting heart rate and the ability to quickly burn calories each time they ride make them impervious to heart disease.  I know, I was one of those riders.  Until I suffered a heart attack at 43.

In honor of Heart Month, I've posted parts one, two, and three of my cautionary tale with parts four and five to be uploaded next week.  If you care to read the entire version strictly from a cyclist's perspective, visit my Heart Of A Cyclist blog and check out the Reflections of Recovery and RAGBRAI posts.

Upcoming Events:  (many courtesy of the chainlink)

Sunday, February 12 - Bike Lakeview

Sunday, February 12 – West Side Streets for Cycling Meet & Greet

Thursday, February 16 - Bicycle Dreams, the movie

Friday, February 24 – 15th Annual Bike Winter Art Show

Sunday, February 19 - Dykes Pedaling Bikes Off Season Social

Saturday, March 3 - Chicago Bike Swap

Sunday, March 11 - Spin for Tiny Hearts

Keep riding and be safe!


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