2020 Bike Plan and Requested Bicycling Boulevards

If you're interested in city cycling and curious about the policy processes that make bike lanes magically appear, you should make it a point to follow Grid Chicago.

Grid Chicago, the Active Transportation Alliance, the League of Illinois Bicyclists and engaged cycling citizens throughout the city, have all been actively involved in working with CDOT on Chicago's Streets for Cycling 2020 Plan.  Last night marked their third public meeting.

One of the more interesting developments reported by Grid Chicago is the idea to include bicycling greenways on existing city streets.  Also known as bike boulevards, these are lightly trafficked residential streets that are modified to create safe routes for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

Rather than explain the ins and outs, here's a video about Portland's bike boulevards.  You will be amazed at how a few simple, cost effective tweaks can change the utility of a street and encourage more people to travel on two wheels instead of four.

If you have a suggestion for a greenway in your area, please make plans to attend the next meeting on Wednesday, February 1st.

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